7 Easy Tips for Creating the Farmhouse Look

1. Inspiration/Mood Boards

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “Bob, what if I don’t have a team of talented designers to help me out?” Good question. No worries though, there are plenty of resources out there for inspiration such as Pinterest. You can easily create your own inspiration board with your favorite pieces and looks. Another source of inspiration is magazines. Carolina is constantly looking through magazines for the latest looks and trends. She always has a stack of them at her desk and enjoys flipping through them during coffee breaks. And of course, you can scroll through my super handy blog (shameless plug)!

2. Color Palette

Carolina recommended a neutral color palette. She chose a whitewashed wood floor and a light sage green paint color with a white brick accent wall. “I chose neutral colors because they create a light and airy feeling withing the space,” said Carolina.

3. Main focus piece

There wasn’t any debate about our main piece in this room! Carolina loves the Blake dining set because of the clean lines, neutral colors and the two-tone finish. Reminds me of the two-tone chocolate and vanilla cookies. And you know that nothing says farmhouse look like the smell of tasty goodies cooking in the kitchen!

4. Dress Up with a Rug

Next, we picked out a rug. This is one of Carolina’s favorite steps. The Selena is an oriental rug that features a charming distressed look that adds a beautiful texture and pattern to the room.

5. Unique accents

Next, we selected accent pieces that continue the farmhouse style throughout the room. My double pedestal console table is made from solid wood and has two beautifully silhouetted pedestal legs that add a chic look to the space. Carolina added a little form and function to the room with a very creative ladder.

“I found a sturdy ladder at a local hobby store, picked up some hooks at the hardware store and attached them to create a fun way to hang towels and silverware,” said Carolina.

Simple as that and this perfectly ties in with the farmhouse feel!

6. Stylish Storage

You can never have enough storage options! We went with a bold red accent cabinet for a pop of color.

“Vertical storage options are a smart and efficient way to utilize your space,” said Carolina.

She chose a tall cabinet because it gives the room some height – as opposed to the 2-foot puppet who helped created the room!

7. Decor and Final Touches

Finally, we styled the space with minimal décor. We chose neutral, translucent curtains to ensure a plentiful amount of light into the space. We styled with a lot of greenery, metal accents, white plates and glassware. Carolina finished the look with a chalkboard to write the menu of the day! Can you guess what her favorite meal is?

“These extra touches make your room super fun and are a great opportunity to add your personality to the room,” said Carolina.

Finished Look

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at how I created my modern farmhouse room.

About the author / Carolina

I'm a designer here at Bob's! My goal is to make our furniture stand out and look beautiful while giving you ideas and inspiration on styling your own space! I love all things artsy - If I'm not behind a lens (even if it's just an iphone lens), decorating my home, or participating in a fitness challenge, you'll find me watching Tasty videos, hiking up a mountain, or curled up on my couch planning my next adventure.


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