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Mountain Mural DIY

  • DIY
  • November 12, 2018

Don’t have the budget or time right now to go on a relaxing getaway? Create a retreat in your own home! Paint this soothing, fun, easy mountain mural in your living room or bedroom that will make you and your guests feel like you’re on vacation!

Supplies Needed

– 2 gallons of paint, colors of your choice – both the same shade. One dark and one approximately eight shades lighter
– pencil
– tape or sticky notes
– paint brushes – small for the edges in between, larger for filling in
– stirring stick
– 8 oz cup
– ladder- if you’re short like me!

1. Sketch out your mountains

You don’t have to be an artist for this, I promise! Draw mountains with a pencil on your blank wall. They can be as round, sharp, tall or short as you want, make it uniquely yours! Start either at the top of the bottom and work your way to the other end. Have some of the mountains overlap the others to add dimension and visual interest. I did nine layers, but you can do more or less!

Sketch out your mountains on the wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

2. 1-2-3-Number your sections

Use pieces of tape or sticky notes and stick them in any section that you may feel could confuse you when figuring out which color goes where! Number them by section – bringing back the childhood days when you’d color according to numbers!

Number the sections of your mountain mural wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

3. Time for color

Begin painting! Start at the top with your lightest color. I traced the pencil line first with the thin brush so that it creates a border for you to fill in the rest. Paint, paint, paint! Let it dry for 10-15 minutes before starting each layer to avoid smudging.

Add color to your mountain wall mural | Bob's Discount Furniture

4. Create your shades – mix the colors

Take the cup and dip it in the dark paint filling it ¾ full. Pour it into the light gallon paint and mix away. Once fully mixed, decide if you want to add another ½ cup, but no more than that! (the paint usually dries darker than it looks!)

Create different shades of color by mixing colors | Bob's Discount Furniture

5. Paint, paint, paint

Outline the section below it, making sure to pay attention to the numbers so that you paint the correct section with the right shade! Continue to fill in that section.

Paint the sections of the wall based on your numbers | Bob's Discount Furniture

6. Repeat!

Repeat steps 4-5 until you have your finished mountain mural!

Keep painting the different sections of the wall until your mountain mural is complete | Bob's Discount Furniture
Enjoy your mountain mural wall | Bob's Discount Furniture


I'm a designer here at Bob's! My goal is to make our furniture stand out and look beautiful while giving you ideas and inspiration on styling your own space! I love all things artsy - If I'm not behind a lens (even if it's just an iphone lens), decorating my home, or participating in a fitness challenge, you'll find me watching Tasty videos, hiking up a mountain, or curled up on my couch planning my next adventure.