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Mid-Century Modern Tricks & Tips

Mid-century modern decor has a distinctive chic factor: whether you’re hosting game night, happy hour, or just relaxing in your own home, the popular aesthetic — defined by its sleek, minimalist lines, warm wood furnishings and pops of color made mainstream in post-World War II America — is an easy way to pull your home together in cohesive (but still comfy!) style. Been meaning to take on a mid-century home makeover but don’t know where to start? Luckily for you, I’ve got plenty of gorgeous pieces to make every room a mid-century modern style haven!

Invite Bettie to the party: stylish living sets for every space

Your first step to furnishing a fabulous mid-century modern home? Outfitting your space with a stylish seating centerpiece — I love the retro color options available in my Bettie Collection! Need a nap or reading nook? Try the built-in chaise of the Bettie Chofa, or, add an extra groovy twist with the Bettie Teal Chofa & Swivel Chair! And if your living room is more like a living corner, I’ve got the plenty-stylish-yet-compact Bettie Chair, the high-style impact Benoni Black Faux Leather Accent Chair, or the functional Bettie Chair & Storage Ottoman!

Mid-Century dining style meets modern comfort

Another essential mid-century modern must-have? A proper dinner or cocktail party setup! Get hosting ready in a snap with my many mid-century options. Style your own dining space by mixing and matching my Bettie Dining Table (complete with a useful leaf!) or Bettie Round Dining Table with my super comfy Bettie Dining Chair (available in multiple colors for easy customization!).

Want your whole set styled? Try the Bettie 6 Piece Dining Set (made with a convenient bench for flexible party seating!) or the Bettie 5 Piece Round Dining Set — a superhero for apartments and other cozy smaller spaces.

Complete the look with a few of my stylish floor lamps, a glass top coffee table for snacks, a few hip gold planters (or a realistic faux Banana Tree if you’re not a green thumb!) and of course, a timeless bar cart stocked with your favorite happy hour ingredients in case Don Draper attends your soirée.

A better Bettie bedroom: mid-century styles to dream about 

After you’ve wowed your guests with a night of sipping highballs and dancing to your favorite records, you’ll undoubtedly need a good night’s sleep. Make your bedroom a restful retreat with mid-century modern flare with just a few easy steps — to start, try my Bettie Bedroom Set for signature mid-century touches (Tapered legs! Brass hardware!) with a nifty dresser-mirror combo (great for pre-party primping!).

If you’re looking to liven things up, add instant pizazz with the splash of color in my Bettie Upholstered Bedroom Set, and don’t forget a few statement-making tripod table lamps or the glimmering gold accent of an Anais Table Lamp for soft, sophisticated lighting.

Need more inspiration? Check out all of my style ideas for a full archive of fashion-forward furnishings without the markup! Happy designing!


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