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Holiday Giving with Bob’s

Bob’s Community Outreach Team would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a charity to be considered for our 12 Days of Giving Campaign. We called for submissions from Bob’s employees, customers and social media followers, and received nominations for fantastic nonprofits and charities across a wide range of great causes and geographies. 

Our team thoroughly enjoyed reading the submissions we received, and for the fifth consecutive year, we continue to be extremely impressed by the inspiring work done across communities where we do business. While it was nearly an impossible task, our team narrowed down the submissions to 12 worthy organizations to receive a $1,000 Random Act of Kindness (RAK) donation bringing our all-time holiday giving over $75,000!

The entire team at Bob’s wishes you a happy and healthy Holiday season!  

The ACE Project

Pictured above is one of ACE Project’s “Acepreneur” events.  

First Day of Giving: The ACE Project (Louisville, Kentucky) 

The ACE Project’s mission is to transform the lives of underserved children and families impacted by gun violence and trauma. Through a holistic approach, The ACE Project aims to create pathways to both hope and recovery. The organization has recently hosted three mental health retreats, implemented a specialized curriculum, hosted a Gun Violence Awareness walk and opened The ACE Project Community Memorial Peace Garden. 

B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation

A recent community engagement (pictured above) focused on basic needs and trafficking awareness education for the Stupak Community Center in Las Vegas. 

Day 2: B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation (Las Vegas, Nevada) 

B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation’s mission is to provide resources needed to support, sustain and empower young girls and women under the age of 25 who have been abused, abandoned, and exploited. From supplying hygiene kits to securing emergency housing, B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation accomplishes its mission through thoughtful partnerships with other like-minded organizations, countless volunteer hours in the community, creative fundraising and a firm belief that no human being should ever be for sale. 

Bridgeport Rescue Mission

At a recent event, Bridgeport Rescue Mission volunteers served a Thanksgiving dinner. 

Day 3: Bridgeport Rescue Mission (Bridgeport, Connecticut) 

Bridgeport Rescue Mission provides support to the homeless and struggling in Coastal Connecticut. To best support the unique needs of a person or family, Bridgeport Rescue Mission offers a wide range of services including food, clothing, safe housing, recovery and health support. Bridgeport Rescue Mission provides 655,626 meals, 40,880 nights of safe housing, and has 91 people in recovery programs, on an annual basis. 

Comfort Zone Camp

Pictured above is a CZC grief camp, and where there are tears, there are also many smiles and hope for a brighter future. 

Day 4: Comfort Zone Camp (Richmond, Virginia) 

Comfort Zone Camp is a bereavement organization that transforms the lives of children who have experienced the passing of a parent, sibling, primary caregiver or significant person. Comfort Zone Camp’s programs are free of charge and include trust-building activities and age-based support groups that break the emotional isolation grief often brings. The organization has hosted campers from nearly all 50 States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue

To get in the holiday spirit, The Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue team recently gathered for pictures with ‘Santa Paws.’ 

Day 5: Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue (Rockford, Michigan) 

Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue is made up of dedicated foster families fighting to change the lives of homeless dogs of all ages, breeds and health — until there are none. Hearts of Hope’s dogs are provided with the best possible vet care, a safe place to live, and the love and care that they deserve. The organization emphasizes that pet overpopulation is a global crisis, and rather than having a shelter facility, volunteers foster the dogs in their homes until they find their forever families. 

I AM MENtality

Gathered at a recent event, all youth in the photo are either current participants or alumni of I AM MENtality. 

Day 6: I AM MENtality (Baltimore, Maryland) 

I AM MENtality was founded by Darren Rodgers, a born and raised Baltimorean, with the support of various community and corporate leaders in efforts to provide the most comprehensive mentoring and leadership development services for youth. Serving male youth ages ranging from 7 -18 years, I AM MENtality offers opportunities for this group to develop their leadership potential through mentor-mentee relationships. 

Let’s Build Beds

A local child enjoys his new bed, hand-made by volunteers. 

Day 7: Let’s Build Beds (Waterville, Ohio) 

Let’s Build Beds believes that every child deserves a bed of their own to sleep in at night. More than simply providing a bed, the volunteers work together to assemble the piece, empowering all the children for a successful future. The organization’s ‘Build events’ are both fun and rewarding for all who are involved. Let’s Build Beds provides all the safety equipment and tools for volunteers to collaboratively turn a pile of lumber into a comfortable sleep space for local children in need. 

Manzanita Outreach

Manzanita Outreach volunteers prepare family food bags filled with fresh produce for a food sharing event. 

Day 8: Manzanita Outreach (Cottonwood, Arizona) 

Manzanita Outreach’s mission is to share its abundance of resources within its communities with dignity and joy. The organization believes that there is plenty of food, but it takes a community-wide effort to get it to the people who really need it. Manzanita Outreach has a centralized warehouse, where they receive semi-truckloads of healthy food which is then packaged and loaded onto refrigerated trucks. These food boxes are delivered and shared to those in the area in need. 

Olivia’s House

As part of the Olivia House Ritual, participants are encouraged to gather in a circle and join hands. 

Day 9: Olivia’s House (Hanover, Pennsylvania) 

Olivia’s House is an organization of care giving professionals and volunteers dedicated to supporting grieving children. Its purpose is to facilitate healing through grief and loss education. The organization works closely with families to devise a unique and tailored bereavement plan which may include resources from their grief and loss lending library, referrals to personal therapists, and peer support education programs. 

PALS Animal Shelter

PALS Animal Shelter recently hosted a “Pet Photos with Santa” event. 

Day 10: PALS Animal Shelter (Hawk Point, Missouri) 

PALS Animal Shelter’s mission is to become an asset to pet owners and the community. This is done through public assistance and education by promoting proper animal welfare, spaying and neutering for pet population control, finding good homes for the impounded, stray, abandoned, neglected or owner turned in pets, assisting strays in finding their owners, providing care and shelter for animals until they are adopted, and assisting other animal rescue organizations in need. 

Urban Initiatives

On soccer game days (pictured here), families and youth come together in a safe space for both learning and enjoyment.  

Day 11: Urban Initiatives (Chicago, Illinois) 

Urban Initiatives’ mission is to use the power of sport and play to empower Chicago’s youth. The organization started 20 years ago as an after-school soccer program and has since evolved into a citywide sport and play ecosystem, creating safe spaces for youth, teens, and adults to develop social-emotional skills in fun team environments. 

Walking Miracles Family Foundation

Pictured above is a wine and art fundraiser hosted by Walking Miracles Family Foundation. 

Day 12: Walking Miracles Family Foundation (Charleston, West Virginia) 

Walking Miracles Family Foundation was founded by a two-time childhood cancer survivor of leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The organization helps caregivers, families and survivors impacted by childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer in West Virginia by navigating and connecting them to support networks and resources. Through its partnerships, programs and affiliations, Walking Miracles helps cover the cost of travel associated with treatment.