Tuft Love!

Tufted furniture is back in a big way. I’m seeing luxurious tufting almost everywhere – on sofas, chaises, headboards, accent chairs, ottomans and more. The look is utterly timeless and a real must-have for today’s classic and chic homes.

Tufting is created by passing thread through layers of fabric and securing it with knots or buttons. The Chesterfield sofa is a great example of tufted furniture style. It was named after the Earl of Chesterfield (fun fact!) and has been around since the 1700’s – now that’s what I call vintage style with staying power!

Back in the day, tufts kept the stuffing within a sofa, typically made out of horsehair, from moving around and bunching up in one spot. Today, tufting is more about style than function and it’s seen just as often in furniture with clean, modern lines as it is in furniture with more traditional silhouettes. Tufting works beautifully on a variety of fabrics, from linen to velvet and leather. Each material introduces a unique tone and texture, highlighted by the tufting.

So how can you incorporate tufted pieces into your space? Easy! A tufted piece can anchor a room, so use it as a focal point. Keep the items around your tufted piece a bit more simple and clean. This will create elegant contrast and modernize the trend. And remember – tufted furniture is not just for the living room. Tufted headboards can transform a tired old bedroom into a sophisticated dream space. Form truly meets function here, with style that’s super comfortable too. Sitting up for reading or breakfast in bed, never felt so good or luxurious.

So go ahead, bring this timeless trend home now. And remember, a little tuft love never hurts!