Mattress-in-a-Box Setup

Thanks for purchasing one of my world famous Bob-O-Pedic mattresses. By now, you’ve probably noticed that your new mattress has been professionally compressed and vacuum packaged. This was done at the factory to allow for easy shipping and handling. Just follow these simple steps to unpack…and you’ll be jumping into bed in no time!

1. Remove Mattress

Lay your boxed mattress on the floor. Open the cardboard and remove the compressed mattress.

2. Place Mattress

Place your mattress on its intended foundation or platform. Remove the outer wrapping.

3. Position Your Mattress

Unroll your mattress so it lays flat on the foundation or platform. Tear open the protective covering.

4. Make Final Adjustments

Once it has fully expanded, manipulate the corners and sides to make it nice and square.

Be Careful

Your new mattress is heavy! Ask a friend to help you lift it. Your new mattress is heavy! Ask a friend to help you lift it.

Use a Foundation

A proper foundation or firm base is necessary to keep your mattress comfy and supportive for many nights to come!

Be Patient

Due to its temperature sensitive design, your mattress may need several hours to fully expand (the chillier the mattress, the longer it will take). You might also notice a slight odor after unwrapping your mattress. This “new car” type smell is completely harmless and will fade with time.

*PLEASE NOTE: Mattresses shipped via FedEx under Bob’s Value Express program do NOT qualify for removal of old mattress and foundation

Avoid Scissors

If you use something sharp, like scissors to open the box and plastic, you may accidentally cut your new mattress.

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