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Bob’s Supports Black Women Build – Baltimore

From left, Black Women Build – Baltimore, Project Manager Tonika Garibaldi, and two BWBB homeowners at the recent Live Baltimore 2024 Winter Trolley Tour. Photo courtesy of Black Women Build – Baltimore

Since 2017, Black Women Build – Baltimore has been transforming neighborhoods by offering women a pathway to homeownership, teaching trade skills, providing education, and building strong communities.

Founded by Shelley Halstead, Black Women Build – Baltimore has purchased, restored, and sold, more than one dozen homes in the West Baltimore area to Black women. As a homeownership and wealth-building initiative, Black Women Build – Baltimore trains Black women in trades-related skills by restoring vacant and deteriorated houses, subsequently transforming lives and communities. Halstead, a contractor, and lawyer, has plans to rehab 25 more homes in the area in the near future.

In recognition of Black History Month, Bob’s Discount Furniture is honored to support Black Women Build – Baltimore through their Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging Employee Resource Group.

“Bob’s is committed to helping the local communities where we do business and we’re so impressed by the work Shelley and her team are completing through Black Women Build – Baltimore,” said Erica Bishop, DEIB & Human Resources Manager, Bob’s Discount Furniture. “With every home restored, we know one more family is finding a pathway to homeownership and empowerment. We can’t wait to see how much further Black Women Build – Baltimore will grow.”

Division Street project by Black Women Build – Baltimore.

Halstead’s mission is to help Black women build intergenerational wealth and maintain that wealth. One way she believes this can be achieved is through homeownership and acquiring skills to maintain that asset. Women who are accepted into the Black Women Build – Baltimore program must choose one of two paths to homeownership. The first path, Pre-Apprenticeship, offers homebuyers trade skills training and a stipend to build skills while completing their home renovation. The second path, Community-Focused, is geared to women with existing careers and encourages education to enrich communities.

Visit Black Women Build Baltimore to learn more. See more Bob’s work with community partners here.