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Bob’s Donates Over $35,000 in Furniture to LISA, Inc.

Santa and his elves made an early visit to a LISA, Inc., (Living in Safe Alternatives) location in Connecticut on Friday, Dec. 13. While the residents were out of the home at work and school, a team of Bob’s representatives gave the home and eight bedrooms a makeover. In total, Bob’s Discount Furniture donated over $35,000 worth of furniture and home décor to LISA, Inc., including a new dining room table, desks and chairs, accent chairs, lighting, beds, mattresses, dressers and nightstands.

Palisades Dresser | Bob's Discount Furniture
Residents received a new dresser, nightstand, bed and bedding in their room

“Receiving this generous donation was one of the biggest blessings our program has received,” said Christina Cicero, MS, program director of LISA’s Wish program in Plainville, Connecticut. “Because of Bob’s generosity, our program and youth will benefit from a more comfortable, home-like environment to aid in the healing of our girls.”

Conversation room at the LISA, Inc., facility in Plainville, Connecticut | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Residents will enjoy comfy chairs in the conversation area

About LISA, Inc.

LISA, Inc., is a non-profit organization that provides programs and services for the state’s most vulnerable youth, ages 14-23, in the child protection system in Connecticut. For over 47 years, the local agency has provided safe and stable homes to mistreated adolescents.

The mission of the agency is to provide safe, supportive and empowering programs that build skills, awaken hope for the future and help young people successfully transition into adulthood. LISA, Inc., operates three state-funded programs and facilitates several smaller projects. All programs serve adolescents who have been placed within the agency’s care due to abuse, neglect, special medical or emotional needs, abandonment and involvement in the child protection system and/or juvenile justice system in Connecticut.

Many of the girls enter the program with very few personal items, some with just the clothes on their backs. “Giving them their brand-new space and brand-new furniture and having them feel like people actually do care is so important,” said Cicero. “And they know we care, but the outside community saying, you know, we believe in you, and we believe in you enough to have this; I think that creates a good home environment.”

Preparing the Surprise Makeover

Bob's Discount Furniture Truck

Bob’s Discount Furniture donated over $35,000 worth of furniture to LISA, Inc. in Connecticut

My team arrived early on the morning of Friday, December 13 to help staff remove old furniture and make space for the new furniture. My BOBtastic Delivery Experience team worked like a well-oiled machine, unloading the truck and setting up all the bedrooms and furniture throughout the house. I’m always amazed at how fast this team works and what care they take while moving in new furniture, assembling it and placing it in homes.

Mercedes Sherman (left), LISA, Inc. director of program operations and Colleen Wood (right), director of customer care operations, Bob’s Discount Furniture, dress one of the new beds.
Mercedes Sherman (left), LISA, Inc. director of program operations and Colleen Wood (right), director of customer care operations, Bob’s Discount Furniture, dress one of the new beds.

After the beds were set up and the mattress were placed, it was time to add sheets, comforters and pillows. Luckily, I had the assistance of a special helper for this project, Colleen Wood, director of customer care operations.

Colleen was a huge help with this makeover and also spent her own time to get to know the residents.

“As a Connecticut-based company, we have been moved by the great work LISA, Inc. does to empower, support, and provide a safe haven for local youth and their families. We encourage anyone who can, to support the local charities and organizations that are making a big difference in their communities.”

Tina’s Story

My favorite part about any Outreach event is meeting the people because it’s the people that really make this all worth it. 

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Tina, one of the residents at the LISA facility in Plainville and I’m grateful that she shared her story with me and my team.

Tina has been a resident at the Plainville location for just about a year and despite a few ups and downs, she said it’s been a very positive experience for her.

“Coming in here, I did have some struggles,” said Tina. “The few months of just moving in, getting used to a lot. Then when I got the flow of things it was like, ok, you can do this.”

And she did.

Tina credits the staff with being patient and caring and available to help residents work through any problems they have.

“This is my best program I’ve been to and I don’t want to leave,” said Tina.


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