8 Reasons to Stay at Home and Shop!

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8 Reasons to Stay at Home and Shop!

Because you don’t feel like making the trip out.

Most furniture stores hike up their prices so that they can have phony sales. “Hurry in! Buy now!” they tell you. At Bob’s, you’ll find the same great prices everyday, in-store or online. No long lines, coupon clipping, pushy salesmen or rushing out of the house to beat the crowds. So sleep in, and enjoy shopping on your own schedule.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Because it’s cold outside!

Don’t have any clean yellow polo shirts? No problem. Shop in your pajamas from your computer or phone. The best part – take advantage of my BobTastic delivery. Your furniture will arrive at a time you choose and they’ll even assemble it for you! You don’t have to lift a finger. Stay in and stay warm.

Titan Ice Sectional

Because you want to compare prices – and I want you to!

My everyday values are better than the other guys’ phony sales. You could take my word for it, or you could burn a few hours searching online. Either way, you won’t find a better price for quality furniture, mattresses and home decor.

Compare prices… Theirs vs Ours

Because you can read reviews from other shoppers

If you’re shooting for the stars, you’ll find plenty of them at mybobs.com. All of my products have ratings and reviews. It’s super helpful!

Because you can’t find your car keys

Or your left shoe. Or your wallet. Honestly, it sounds like you need an entryway storage solution. But never fear, you can find something online and you don’t even need your other mitten. Shop all of my products online at mybobs.com

Entryway Storage

Because you can design your space online

You can use my 3D room planner to to see your dream space before you buy! Draw your space to scale, fill it with a large inventory of furniture that is available to buy, finish it off with stylish accents – then save and share your room to see what your friends and family think!

3D Room Planner

Because virtual shopping is a thing

Use my augmented reality app! This super cool app allows you to “try out” furniture in your home before you buy it. Since all the furniture is to scale, you’ll have a true look at how the furniture will fit and mix with your existing room. Love the look? Simply click to add to cart!

Augmented Reality

Because you need inspiration

Not sure what look you are going for? My expert designers have already done the work for you. Browse a curated collection of styled rooms. Farmhouse, industrial, modern, classic or traditional – shop the look here!

Farmhouse Dining – Blake Collection

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