7 Space-Saving Tips to Maximize Your Small Dining Room

Follow these seven tips to maximize your small dining room | Bob's Discount Furniture

Living in a small apartment or small home has its challenges, especially as it relates to dining space.  When you’re only working with hundreds of square feet – for your entire living space – you have to make smart choices about furniture selection and placement. That’s not to say that your dining room can’t still have a sense of style to it, because it can! Here are five space-saving tips to maximize your small dining room.

1. Find a Corner

Pick out a corner in your kitchen or living room to transform into your new dining space. Try to find a corner near a window so you can take advantage of natural light. Sunlight is a great way to make the space feel more open and airier!

Find a corner in your kitchen to transform into your dining space | Bob's Discount Furniture

Adjustable bar tables with adjustable stools are a fun and stylish solution for a small dining space and fit nicely into any corner.

2. Define the Space

Define your small dining area with an area rug | Bob's Discount Furniture

A small area rug helps to define any space. Try tucking your rug underneath the furniture to create a cozy feel and not let the rug overwhelm the space.

3. Choose a Compact Table

Select a compact table for your small dining space | Bob's Discount Furniture

Look for tables that have a small footprint while still providing ample dining space. Bar style tables are perfect for small rooms because they don’t take up a ton of space and tuck neatly into corners. Add a little fun to your space with an adjustable height table.

4. Pull Up a Bar Stool

Use a bar stool for seating in your small dining room | Bob's Discount Furniture

You can’t have a bar-style table without bar stools to sit on! Bar stools pair perfectly with bar tables. Look for bar stools that are adjustable and have a swivel mechanism.

5. Use Multipurpose Pieces

Bar carts are a great place to store cookbooks in your small dining room | Bob's Discount Furniture

Bar carts aren’t just for Wine Wednesdays – they’re also great places to stash cookbooks, mementos and even your morning coffee! And the best thing about bar carts… the wheels! You can easily move your cart around your space.

6. Go Vertical

A small shelf provides extra storage in your small dining room | Bob's Discount Furniture

A small shelf is a great place for additional storage without taking up any valuable floor space. Hanging one directly over the bar cart helps to define the space and bring the eye up, creating the illusion of more room.

7. Let There Be Light!

Try hanging a small pendant light above your small dining room table | Bob's Discount Furniture

Sometimes small apartments can feel dark and dreary. Light up your space – literally – with additional lighting. Hanging a small pendant light over the table adds extra lighting for cozy dinners at home.

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