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7 Easy Steps to Create Color Blocking

  • DIY
  • August 8, 2017

Time to add a little color into your space! I can’t wait to share these 7 simple steps to creating fabric color blocks for your walls.

1. Sketch out the Room

The first step is to sketch out your room. Next, decide what wall will be the focal point of the room and draw out a rough placement for your four color blocks. Finally, determine the size for each block and write it down on your sketch.

The first step to create your color block is to sketch out the room | Bob's Discount Furniture

2. Choosing a Color Palette

Start by determining the colors for your walls and then choose your accents. The main wall where the color blocks are positioned will be the focal point of the room and should feature the strongest color. Next, chose the colors for your blocks.

Chose a color palette for your color blocks | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip – Use paint swatches from a local hardware store to create your color palette.

3. Purchasing Fabric and Wood Supplies

Select your fabrics and wood for the frames and wood screws. Don’t forget to bring your sketch with you as you’ll need to know how much wood and fabric to buy.

Purchase fabric and wood supplies for your color blocking | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip – For extra support, buy corner braces.

4. Cut Wood to Size

Measure twice, cut once! A circular saw will make the cleanest and quickest cuts, but a hand saw will work as well. Once you have made your cuts for each block, place the four pieces for each block in separate piles to stay organized.

Cut the wood to size | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip – Number the pieces. Start with 1A and then go clockwise around the block…1B, 1C & 1D.

5. Assemble the Wooden Frames

Start with the biggest block and work your way through the other blocks in descending order. Begin with the A and B pieces. Place the edges together to form a 90-degree angle. Secure two screws into the frame by drilling through the A piece into the B piece.

Assemble the wood frames | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip – Drill pilot holes before inserting screws to ensure the wood won’t split.

6. Attach Fabric

Starting with the A piece, attach the fabric to the frames with a stapler, Start in the corner and stagger your staples an inch apart. Next, secure fabric to the C piece. Then take the fabric from the corner of the B piece and fold over the corner of the C piece and secure with a staple. Repeat steps until finished.

Attach the fabric to the frames | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip – Steam the fabric once it is on the frame to eliminate any pesky wrinkles.

7. Arrange the Room

Time to arrange the blocks in your living room. Remember to stagger the placement of your blocks to add contrast and to fully showcase all of your colors.

Finally, arrange the room around your color blocks | Bob's Discount Furniture

Do you love this look? I’d love to see your color blocking! Snap a pic and tag us on social – for a chance to be featured in my feed.


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