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How to Create an Ombre Wall on a Budget

  • DIY
  • June 5, 2017

So even if you’re still debating with your friends about the correct pronunciation of ombre, you’ll both agree on this – it looks good. Here are six easy steps to create your own ombre look at home.

Supplies Needed

List of supplies need to create your own ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

1. Measure and Mark your Wall

Select a wall in your space that will be the focal point of the room and mark off the points where you want to blend your colors. Your vertical measurements and blend points do not have to be exact.

First step, measure and mark your ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip: Use a pencil to mark your walls so it won’t show through on the finished product.

2. Select your Color Palette

Choose two or three colors that are closely related and gather your materials. You will want to choose a light, medium and dark color. This will help create a more natural look on your blend points.

Select your color palette for your ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip: Gather multiple paint trays and brushes so you can mix colors.

3. Apply your First Color

For a tri-color look, start in the middle of the wall and apply the paint with a roller. Make multiple passes over this area with the roller to ensure that paint is evenly applied.

Apply your first color on your ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

4. Mix your Colors

Use a paintbrush to mix in some of the lighter color paint in the same tray that your medium color paint is in. Don’t over pour the lighter paint, you can always add more to reach your desired color.

Mix your colors to help create your ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

5. Blend Colors

Using a dry brush, apply the blended paint to the top third of your medium paint area with crisscross strokes. Next, gradually work your way up to the top of the wall as you continue to blend the lighter and medium colors.

Blend your colors on your ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip: Dip a dry brush in the solid paint to help with blending.

6. Finish the Look

After you have the desired blend on the top two-thirds of the wall, mix some of the dark paint with your medium paint. Using a brush, apply the blended paint to the boundary lines between the middle and bottom thirds. Continue to blend the paint until you reach the bottom of the wall.

Complete your ombre wall | Bob's Discount Furniture

Sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to share a photo of your ombre wall using the hashtag #mybobs.


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