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5 Tips for Making the Most of National Comfy Day

In honor of Comfy Bob and the comfy world of Bob-O-Pedic mattresses, we’re declaring February 25th to be National #ComfyDay! It’s time to break out your coziest of sweaters, curl up in your favorite blanket, and make the most of Comfy Day with these 5 tips:

1. Set The Tone

This is the day to draw the blinds, dim the lights, and dig out the string lights from the holiday season. Light your favorite candle, turn on a rainy day playlist, and settle in for a day of serious comfort.

2. Dress the Part

Find your best-oversized sweater, your favorite broken-in hoodie, and your softest socks. Bring your coziest fuzzy blanket to work, and swap out your shoes for your comfiest slippers. Whatever you do, make it comfy!

3. Comfort Food is Highly Encouraged

Today’s the day to indulge in your go-to comfort food staples! Think waffles, mac and cheese, pizza…it’s all on the table!

4. Warm Beverages are Key

There’s nothing comfier than being curled up in a blanket, sipping your favorite hot beverage. Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa will take an already comfy day to the next level. (Pro tip: head to your nearest Bob’s store for some free coffee in the cafe!)

Learn how to make your own Chunky Blanket!

5. Settle in for a Great Night’s Sleep

Of all the comfy things there are, getting into a seriously cozy bed at the end of the day might just take the cake. Clean sheets, soft pillows, and a nice warm comforter all on top of the perfect mattress will take you from Comfy Day to the comfiest night.

Is your current mattress not quite as comfy as you hoped? Take the mattress quiz to find your perfect Bob-O-Pedic mattress. You can take your sleep to the next level with a new Memory Foam, Hybrid or Hybrid+ mattress, delivered in 3-6 Business Days via FedEx! With BOBtastic White Glove Delivery we’ll even take away your old mattress and set up the new one.

Tag us with your best take on #ComfyDay @mybobs for a chance to be featured on our feed!

Now, time to get comfy!


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