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Which Bob-O-Pedic is right for you?

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  • February 28, 2020

My three types of Bob-O-Pedic mattresses offer a feel for every budget

Bob-O-Pedic is what you get when you combine the quality of a national mattress brand…with a little bit of Bob’s magic!

In the words of my favorite song…

Bob’s Bob-O-Pedic

From your head down to your feet it –

Feels like no mat-tress you felt befooorre…

Bob’s Bob-O-Pedic

Need a mattress? You can’t beat it!

Find a feel, a price online, or in the store!

My Bob-O-Pedic mattresses come with the fair prices, superior construction, and best-in-class warranties you’ve come to expect from me. Which means you can journey to Comfy World every single night!

Do you want a mattress that hugs you back?

How about a mattress that contours to your body and reduces pressure points? My Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam gives you layers of memory foam and a supportive base to keep you comfortable and snug all night long.

Want a mattress with a little bounce and lots of support?

How about a mattress that balances stability with a bit of bounce? My Bob-O-Pedic Hybrid gives you individually wrapped coils for support and to isolate movement, with layers of foam to reduce pressure.

Want a mattress that lets you sink in but also gives you a bit of bounce?

How about some body-conforming comfort with responsive push-back? Get the best of both worlds with memory foam top layer and individually wrapped springs in my Bob-O-Pedic Hybrid+.

Want to learn more about Bob-O-Pedic? Check out our new ad!

Check out our website to pick the best Bob-O-Pedic for you!


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