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Redefining the meaning of Discount

New campaign to highlight “Bob’s Discount” on furniture

Drumroll please…

I have a BIG announcement to make!

Starting on July 1st, I’m very excited to announce a brand new campaign that puts the spotlight on “Discount.” 

My team and I work tirelessly day and night to secure the best possible prices for you – saving you money. We pass these savings onto you in the form of “Bob’s Discount.”

“We recognize that we have been emphasizing the wrong two words in our name for all these years: discount furniture,” explains Steve Nesle, CMO of Bob’s Discount Furniture. “We don’t sell discount furniture. We offer Bob’s discount on furniture. ‘Bob’s discount’ is an elegant articulation of all the work that goes on behind the scenes to engineer our values.”

“Bob’s Discount” and what it stands for is more than just a fancy tagline from a high-powered advertising agency. It’s part of our culture. It’s the Bob’s Way of doing business based on the fundamental values of honesty, transparency and fun.

Bob’s mission since day one, has been to provide customers quality furniture at fair prices because it’s just the right thing to do. This new campaign puts a bright spotlight on all the people that work to bring you Bob’s Discount on quality and stylish furniture.

“We buy from incredible sources – the difference is we leverage our expertise and buying clout to drive down costs. That’s the source of our discount,” adds Carol Glaser, Bob’s executive vice president of merchandising.

So how does it work?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are six simple ways that Bob is able to pass his discount onto you:

Bob’s does the work, so you get the discount.

Behind every incredible price, you see at Bob’s is a story.  It’s a story of the men and women who bargain hard and keep costs low to get you the best values for the money.

Bob’s buys more, so you pay less.

Bob’s buys more from the manufacturers than anyone else. That purchasing power gives us a leg up when negotiating features and prices on behalf of our customers

Bob’s has plenty of friends in the biz.

Bob’s has been in business for more than 25 years. In that time we have forged incredible relationships with manufacturers all over the world. Those relationships are key ingredients in “Bob’s Discount.”  

Bob’s saves, so you save.

We keep our costs low by not buying national brand name labels because every dollar we save is a dollar we can keep off our price tags.

Bob’s Discount is an every day discount.

We believe “sales” are unfair and misleading because often times retailers raise their prices in order to make their sales look more appealing.  Bob’s is strictly “everyday low price.” That means you’re getting the lowest price every day not just when it’s convenient for the company.

Bob’s Way is our way.

A commitment to quality, transparency, honesty, and fun. While Bobs is one of the fastest growing retailers in the country with over 120 stores coast-to-coast, Bob’s Way continues to be our beacon…and the secret sauce in “Bob’s Discount.”

Where can I get Bob’s Discount?

Bob’s Discount is available at any of my stores. Find your nearest store using my store locator. Don’t feel like getting up from your comfy sofa and going to a store? No problem! Bob’s Discount is also available on my full catalog of products at

Is there anything that Bob’s Discount doesn’t cover?

Fish tacos. 

But seriously, you can enjoy Bob’s Discount on every piece of furniture, area rugs and home accents. Bob’s Discount applies to all bedroom furniture, dining room sets, kids rooms, office furniture… anything at Bob’s! How cool is that?!

Can I get Bob’s Discount on your yummy snacks?

In-store cafe available at all locations | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Bob’s Discount Furniture In-store Cafe

All of the cookies, candy, ice cream and coffee in every Cafe across the country is complimentary. It just adds some fun to the shopping experience because shopping for furniture should be fun! And if you have kids, it keeps them occupied for a few minutes while you relax on my comfy sofas or take a “test nap” on any of my mattresses.


I consider myself the luckiest spokespuppet ever because I get to talk about the thing I love the most everyday – furniture! Tufted headboards, rustic finishes, the difference between a sofa and a couch (yes, there is a difference)… I could go on and on. Oh, I just love furniture and I’m SO excited that I have this blog to share my passion with you! It may take me a little longer to create posts – have you ever tried typing with clay hands – but I look forward to talking furniture with you!

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