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How to Style Your Holiday Pillows

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  • November 12, 2019

Holiday pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to make your home feel festive for the most wonderful time of the year. You’ll be amazed at how a simple swap of your existing pillows for holiday pillows can bring an instant sense of joy and holiday spirit to any room. And the good news for you is, I’m going to show you how to style your holiday pillows!

Different Types of Pillows

Let’s start by taking a look at the different types of pillows to choose from–and there is quite a variety!


Set of 2 Bennett Cable Knit Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Get cozy with my cable knit pillows!

My Set of 2 Bennett Cable Knit Pillows is almost like a pair of sweaters for your couch or bed! With their cozy cable knit faces and solid backs, these pillows are sure to provide comfort for you during the cold weather. Best of all, their trendy yet timeless design makes them great for any room with any style of decor- and during any time of year, too!


Set of 2 Cut Velvet Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Cuddle up with my velvet pillows.

Snuggle up to my oh so velvety Set of 2 Cut Velvet Pillows! Featuring a lovely shade of pink, these accent pillows have a serene pattern resembling flower petals. Make your bedroom a bit prettier, or dress up your sofa with these gorgeous beauties!


Set of 2 Angora White Faux Fur Pillow | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Go glam with my Angora White Faux Fur Pillows.

You might find yourself falling asleep on the couch more often if you have my Set of 2 Angora Faux Fur Pillows! Covered in a dreamy faux fur fabric, these square-shaped pillows provide tons of comfort while lounging. The glam style and luxurious look makes them equally perfect for the living room or bedroom- so along with the color, you get to choose where they go!


Set of 2 Holiday Red Plaid Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Red plaid pillows are perfect for the holiday season.

We can’t talk about holiday pillows and not mention plaid, that would be against the sacred rules of holiday pillow styling!

My Set of 2 Holiday Plaid Pillows is the ideal pair of winter pillows to dress up your sofa or bed! Covered in a modern plaid pattern, these little pillows provide all the style you need to get through the cold weather. You’ll love the faux fur trim around the edges that adds that extra bit of comfort and visual interest to the room! Also available in green.

A Touch of Bling

Set of 2 Paulina White Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Add a little sparkle to your holiday decor with my Paulina White Pillows with gemstones framed in gold.

My Set of 2 Paulina Pillows is a couple of chic accents for your living room or bedroom! Bursting with glam style, these soft pillows feature an abundance of gemstones framed in gold. If you’re looking for that luxurious look but are on a budget, these are the pillows for you! Also available in green.


Set of 2 Printed Chenille Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Add a touch of shimmer to your living room with my Chenille Pillows.

Snuggle up to my oh so shimmery Set of 2 Printed Chenille Pillows! Featuring a lovely print that’s easy to match with existing decor, these soft accent pillows are sure to catch your eye. Make your bedroom a bit prettier, or dress up your sofa with these gorgeous beauties!

Festive Sayings

Set of 2 Holiday Joy Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Spread the holiday joy with my joyful pillows.

Capture the good cheer of the holiday season with my traditional Set of 2 Holiday Joy Pillows. Featuring a plaid self fringe applique with applique typography, you’ll be adding a bit of joy – literally – to your family room. Furthermore, the rectangular shape makes them fit on the couch so conveniently!

Winter Scenes

Set of 2 Snowy Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Set the tone for your winter wonderland with these beautiful scenic pillows.

Add a peaceful winter wonderland scene to your living room with my Set of 2 Snowy Pillows. These plush accent pillows show a white backdrop with trees and deer, making you forget how cold the weather is outside. They’re sure to bring tranquility to your space during the long winter!

Set of 2 Holiday Snowflake Pillows | Bob’s Discount Furniture
These sparkly snowflake pillows bring the winter inside!

Winter isn’t so bad when you’ve got my Set of 2 Holiday Snowflake Pillows to keep your home cozy! Perfect for the couch or a bed, these accent pillows feature beaded crystals on the front and also have a plain back. The loveliness of the design might just make you forget how cold it is outside!

How to Style Your Holiday Pillows

Red plaid and winter scenery pillow | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Cozy up with holiday pillows on your sofa.

Now that you’ve decided what type of holiday pillows to use, I’ll give you some tips on how to style the pillows based on specific rooms. Let’s start with the living room.

Living Room

Titan Power Reclining Sectional | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Snuggle up on my Titan sofa with holiday pillows and a comfy throw blanket.

I just love snuggling on my sofa with a bunch of pillows and a cup of hot cocoa in my hand while I watch the holiday classics!

Use the layering technique when styling your sofa and sectional with holiday pillows. I don’t like to use any more than five pillows on a sofa. In regards to sectionals, feel free to use more based on the size of your sectional.

I like to use the 2-2-1 method when layering holiday pillows.

Start with two neutral pillows, then add two pillows on top that have more visual interest such as a plaid pillow or bold pattern. Finally, add a pillow in the center with a winter scene or a festive saying. 

Living Room Floor

Little Bob relaxing on a pile of pillows in front of the electric fireplace | Bob's Discount Furniture
I just love relaxing with my comfy pillows in front of the electric fireplace!

Another fun option for your living room is to create a pile of pillows on the floor. This works best if you have a comfy rug or carpet. I like to make a pile of pillows in front of the fireplace and cozy up with warm throw blanket!


Montana Queen White Bookcase Storage Bedroom Set | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Use plush pillows on your bed.

The more pillows the merrier when styling your bed! Find a couple of festive holiday pillows and add them to your bed using the layering technique outlined above in the living room section. I recommend going with plush pillows for the bedroom to give it a warm and cozy feel!

Accent Chairs & Recliners

Bob relaxing in a chair | Bob's Discount Furniture
Style your chair with two holiday pillows and a comfy throw blanket.

Don’t forget about your chairs and recliners when styling your holiday pillows! Try using two pillows on each chair or recliner. Use a neutral pillow in the back and then place a pillow with a bold pattern, festive saying or fun winter scene in the front. And here’s a bonus tip: add a comfy throw blanket for those cold winter nights!

Side Chair

Don’t forget about the Christmas and holiday cheer to the dining room. Dress up your extra side chairs with a holiday pillow that has a bold and festive saying.


Throw pillows in a basket | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Use a basket to store your extra pillows and blankets.

You can never have enough comfy pillows in the winter, but that does lead to the question of where to store them all? I like to use a basket for my extra pillows in my living room. I place the basket in the corner of the room so it’s out of the way, but close enough to access when needed. 

For bedrooms, maximize your space with a storage bed. You can use the built-in drawers on the bed to store your extra pillows. Another option is to utilize the space under your nightstand. My Montana Bedroom Set with nightstand includes a fun and functional wire basket that is a perfect place to keep an extra pillow.

 A Tasty Treat!

S’mores maker with s’mores board | Bob’s Discount Furniture
S’mores aren’t just for summer campfires. Host a s’mores night at your place! 

Do you know what really hits the spot on a cold night? How about some toasty s’mores! Gather your friends and family for a fun night of s’mores. Here are some tips on how to create your own party-ready s’mores board.

Share Your Holiday Style

I’d love to see how you have styled your home for the holidays! Just snap a pic, post on social and tag me @mybobs for a chance to be featured on my feed.

Happy Holidays!


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