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Grant Medeiros hugs Blades, the Boston Bruins mascot | Bob's Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture partners with Boston Bruins and Family Reach to donate furniture to a family battling childhood cancer

My delivery team had just parked their truck in the driveway of the Medeiros’ home in Massachusetts and Grant was already super excited.

Even before the drivers could open the doors and start unpacking the truck, the four-year-old was jumping around the driveway with a huge smile, telling everyone in earshot that he can’t wait to see his new bed! 

His new bed was part of the furniture donation the Medeiros family was receiving from Bob’s Discount Furniture. Bob’s teamed up with the Boston Bruins and Family Reach, to provide the Medeiros family with a new living room package, bar stools, a new bedroom set for Grant, his younger brother Lincoln and mattresses and foundations for the boys.

“It’s just a really amazing feeling. I don’t know what else to say,” said Phil Medeiros. “It’s kind of surreal to think about all the stuff we’ve been fortunate enough to have.”

Grant’s Road to Remission

Grant Medeiros was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when he was just two-years-old.
Grant received a bone marrow transplant in June of 2018.

Grant was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) when he was two-years-old. 

“It just threw my whole family into a shock because you never expect a young child to be sick like this and you have to rely on other people to take care of your child, which is not a natural thing for a parent to do.”

Phil Medeiros

Grant underwent chemotherapy and his cancer was declared in remission. Unfortunately, a year later the cancer came back and Grant required a bone marrow transplant in June of 2018. He was in isolation for ten months following the transplant. 

The Medeiros family is happy to report that Grant is in remission again and is doing great. The four-year-old is full of energy and proudly displays his passion for the Boston Bruins and for his new bedroom set!

“He’s been through so much,” said Phil Medeiros. “If anyone deserves what he has right now with what Bob’s and the Bruins did for him, it’s definitely him. It melted my heart.”

Family Reach

Family Reach is dedicated to eradicating the financial barriers that accompany a cancer diagnosis.
Family Reach provides financial assistance to families battling cancer.

Family Reach is a national organization dedicated to eradicating the financial barriers that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Families facing cancer often miss work or are forced to leave their jobs. As a result, they can no longer afford basic necessities like housing payments, groceries, or transportation to the hospital.

This financial ruin prevents patients from accessing the life-saving care they need. Family Reach works with more than 400 top-tier hospitals and cancer centers to reach families, like the Medeiros, before they hit these critical financial breaking points. 

Nicole Ackerman, Senior Manager of Family Relations at Family Reach, met the Medeiros family two years ago, shortly after Grant was diagnosed with AML.

“We’ve supported their family at various times through their battle. They are now finally on the other side of cancer after being in isolation for 10 months after a bone marrow transplant,” said Ackerman. “It is such a joy to see them on the other side and for them to start this new chapter now with this wonderful new furniture from Bob’s and supported by the Bruins. We’re just thrilled to be a part of it!”

You’re Going to the Garden!

Grant and his family are going to the Boston Bruins game on Feb. 15.
The Boston Bruins presented Grant four tickets to the Feb. 15 game.

After Grant checked out his new bedroom furniture, his brother’s furniture and the new sectional and table in the living room, there was still one final surprise to reveal.

Bob Sweeney, Boston Bruins Alum and President of the Bruins Foundation, reached into his coat pocket and took out an envelope. 

“Do you want to take mommy and daddy and Lincoln to another Bruins game?” asked Sweeney.

Grant opened the envelope and was so excited to see four tickets to the Feb. 15 game.

“I got my own tickets,” exclaimed Grant. “I got my own ticket!”

A Day at the Garden

Nicole Ackerman, Senior Manager of Family Relations at Family Reach, with Lori and Phil Medeiros and their sons Grant (on the left) and Lincoln before the Bruins game on Feb. 15.

Grant and his family enjoyed a day at the TD Garden on Feb. 15 courtesy of the Boston Bruins. The four-year-old reunited with Blades and in fitting fashion, Grant’s favorite player, Patrice Bergeron, scored the go-ahead goal in the second period as the Bruins skated to a 4-1 victory over Detroit.

Grant and Blades catch up before the Bruins game on Feb. 15.

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