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Employees with the Heart of Bob’s

My tiny spokespuppet heart just grows and grows when I hear stories about our employees who embody that little extra to make a big difference. Nominated by their peers, I am honored to celebrate several employees with these Heart of Bob’s awards. 

Heart of Bob’s recognizes and shares the human stories of selfless acts that exemplify The Bob’s Way and stand as a model of behavior to be admired and appreciated. 

This quarter we’re celebrating acts of emergency response, compassion, integrity, community, and sacrifice.

All of our recipients make me so incredibly proud but I am especially honored to highlight Jorge Alcantar, an operations manager at our Distribution Center in San Bernardino, CA. For years he has led an outreach program supporting families in temporary housing. His story about coming full circle to give back is truly inspirational.

I may be little, but I feel like a giant when I think about the heroes of Bob’s that I get to call colleagues!

Learn more about each recipient:

Jorge Alcantar

Jorge Alcantar, Operations Manager, Distribution Center, San Bernadino, CA is a recipient of a Heart of Bob’s Award for third quarter, 2022.

When he’s on the clock, Jorge Alcantar is an Operations Manager in a Bob’s Discount Furniture distribution center in San Bernardino CA. When the work day is done, Jorge is just getting started on his passion project as the President of New Breath of Life Ministries, a charity supporting temporary housing and other basic needs for families in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

New Breath of Life was found by Jorge’s late father-in-law Rick Tadlock with a focus on serving the homeless. Since taking over the organization in 2020, Jorge focuses on families, especially those in transitional housing situations.

In June of 2021, Jorge approached Bob’s Distribution Center Director of Operations Chris McGovern with the idea to repurpose undeliverable Bob’s furniture to help families of a women’s shelter in Orange County as they moved into more permanent homes.

Chris not only supported Jorge’s vision but also nominated him for the Heart of Bob’s award, recognizing his selfless acts outside work hours as something to be admired by his peers.

“It was significant to me because I was the recipient of Bob’s recognizing, elevating and rewarding the importance of holding true to its own core values.”

Jorge Alcantar

Today Jorge works with many Los Angeles area organizations to identify families in need and organizes logistics to transport and set up furniture for families looking for a fresh start. Undeliverable furniture is safe for use but cannot be distributed due to cosmetic issues or damaged packaging.

“Jorge contributes his time and energy to helping those who need it the most,” said Chris.

“It makes me feel proud to work for an organization that truly cares about people, both within the business and outside the business. They care about the community,” commented Jorge.

Chris said he is blown away by the humanity of Jorge and his family. He explained that Jorge and his wife, Andrea Alcantar and two children Alexa, 17 and Jacob, 6, not only deliver and assemble furniture for families but also cook and share meals with them.

Jorge Alcantar speaks about New Breath of Life Ministries with Bob’s Rikki Baudino.

Jorge noted his wife and daughter do most of the cooking and the desserts are the biggest hit. Jorge said sharing a meal allows his family to plant a seed of hope. “Letting them know my family and I too, have a story of restoration, resilience and hope to share.”

New Breath of Life Ministries is coming “full circle,” said Jorge. “I’ve been the family with nothing but a mattress on the floor. Now I am in a position to help someone… it’s my duty to help them.”

In addition to supplying furniture for families in transitional housing, New Breath of Life supports other areas of outreach including providing school supplies, holiday gifts and birthday celebrations. Jorge estimates his ministry, which includes his brother in-law Robert Tadlock in addition to his immediate family, have been able to support more than 650 individuals in need.

Jorge was surprised with this Heart of Bob’s honor during a distribution center anniversary party held in late October.

Jorge Alcantar receives a Heart of Bob’s Award at his distribution center five-year anniversary celebration in late October.

Upon receiving the award, Jorge commented, “It was significant to me because I was the recipient of Bob’s recognizing, elevating and rewarding the importance of holding true to its own core values. I think this brings hope and encouragement to others to exemplify the same character.”

Christina Meister

Christina Meister, Bob’s Squad employee, Grand Rapids, MI, is a recipient of the Heart of Bob’s Award for third quarter, 2022.

Christina is a member of the Bob’s Squad in our Grand Rapids, MI location. Christina identified signs of a medical emergency in a co-worker and quickly helped. She stayed with the co-worker as first responders assessed the situation. Christina’s quick thinking and action could have very well been lifesaving for this co-worker. For her commitment to safety she is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Karlene Blaine

Karlene Blaine, Guest Experience Specialist, Yonkers, NY is a recipient of the Heart of Bob’s Award for third quarter, 2022.

Karlene is a Guest Experience Specialist in our Yonkers, NY location. Following the news of a tragic building fire, Karlene collaborated across Bob’s network to make the biggest impact. Karlene gathered supplies, called on Bob’s Home Office for a $1,000 donation, and brought several local Bob’s stores together for aid. For her accountability and sense of community, Karlene is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Sean Brennan

Sean Brennan, Customer Success Manager is a recipient of the Heart of Bob’s Award for third quarter, 2022.

Sean is a Customer Success Manager. For years Sean has drawn attention from co-workers for growing and cutting his hair frequently. Recently, his co-workers learned that Sean has kept up this routine to donate his hair for wigs to help those in need. For his sacrifice and gift to others, Sean is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Sophia Moore

Sophia Moore, Manager, Nesconset, NY is a recipient of the Heart of Bob’s Award for third quarter, 2022.

Sophia is a manager in our Bob’s location in Nesconset, NY. Sophia has demonstrated longtime loyalty and support to a co-worker facing extreme difficulties. When her fellow Bob’s employee endured a life-altering event, Sophia stood by her side through her entire recovery. Sophia also helped this employee transition back to work. For her integrity, Sophia is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Team Stoughton

Team Stoughton from Stoughton, MA is a recipient of the Heart of Bob’s Award for third quarter, 2022.

The entire Bob’s team from Stoughton, MA location rallied together to fundraise for an employee with a significant illness. The team was inspired by this person’s resilience and admired his desire to fight. For their sense of community and loyalty to their co-worker, Team Stoughton is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.


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