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Doing Good Around the World

Around the Worlds, Around the World in Bogotá, Colombia
Around the Worlds, Around the World ran a soccer camp for children in Bogotá, Colombia.

I only have stores in the United States, but my charitable programs are impacting communities all across the world.

During this past holiday season, I presented 12 nonprofit organizations with a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) check for $1,000 as part of my 12 Days of Giving program. Around the Worlds, Around the World was one of the RAK check recipients. 

Around the Worlds, Around the World teaches the game of soccer to underprivileged children from underserved communities worldwide. Their free-of-charge workshops are designed to not only provide underserved children with meaningful exposure to soccer but also equip them with the necessary tools to find long-term success in the game. Through their (always) fully-inclusive programming, children from circumstance are given a childhood experience that all kids need and deserve, a safe haven devoid of all labels, and a chance to just play – as all children should.

With the help of the $1,000 RAK check, Around the Worlds, Around the World was able to provide a completely free-of-charge soccer camp to over 60 children in the mountains of Bogotá, Colombia. Additionally, participants left with their very own soccer ball and camp-themed tee-shirt, to round out the fun-filled three-day event. 

“I can never thank you guys enough for giving these kids such a positive (and necessary) outlet for the very real dangers that are so prevalent in their communities,” said Stephen Schirra, founder, Around the Worlds, Around the World.

Since receiving their RAK check from Bob’s, Around the Worlds, Around the World continues to promote the beautiful game across the world. The organization has been able to provide underserved children in Chile, Panama and Grenada with the same free-of-charge sports programming that the children in Colombia enjoyed. 

Young children in Bogotá, Colombia are all smiles after receiving a new soccer ball from Around the Worlds, Around the World
Around the Worlds, Around the World presented over 60 children in Bogotá, Colombia with a new soccer ball.


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