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DIY Coffee Bar on a Budget

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  • September 30, 2019
Gather around a stylish coffee bar from Bob’s Discount Furniture while enjoying coffee and snacks

With Bob’s Discount, you don’t need a lot of beans to create your very own coffee bar. You also don’t need to be a master craftsman or a world-renowned designer. A coffee bar is a great place to gather with a friends & family!

Just follow these simple and very affordable tips to create your own coffee bar. Cheers!

Must. Have. Coffee!

A stylish coffee bar from Bob’s Discount Furniture set up for entertaining | Bob's Discount Furniture
A stylish coffee bar is great option to organize food and drinks for a party or small gathering.

Every good coffee bar starts with a good coffee machine and coffee beans. The coffee machine will be the focal point of your bar, so determine the placement of the machine first. While doing this, also consider access to power outlets if you have a stationary coffee bar. If you have a coffee bar with casters, you can just roll on over to the nearest outlet. 

Next, find an area to store your coffee beans and supplies and be mindful of too much clutter. You want to include enough supplies to make a few cups for yourself, friends and family, but you don’t need a big-box store-worthly supply of coffee sitting on your bar.

Non-Coffee Drinkers

Because there are people who don’t drink coffee. Stop the presses: I know, this can be hard to believe! To make everyone feel included, have an assortment of tea bags available. If your coffee bar has ample storage, include a few drinking glasses that can be used for water, iced tea, lemonade or other beverages.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Don't forget to add a few snacks to your coffee bar | Bob's Discount Furniture
Colorful snacks and simple food displays add a finished look to your coffee bar when entertaining.

Leave some room for a few snacks while enjoying your next cup of coffee. I’m really into biscotti lately and I’m amazed at all the different flavors to choose from. Plus, biscotti is easy to store. Another great snack is cookies. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a freshly baked batch of chocolate cookies. Mmm… I can smell them now. 

I like my Arden 3 Piece Kitchen Island Set because it has plenty of room to place a tray of pastries for your next gathering.

Don’t Forget the Flavor

Make sure your coffee bar includes sugar, milk, honey and other flavors such as pumpkin spice | Bob's Discount Furniture
Impress your guests by incorporating seasonal flavors to your coffee.

Who wants just an ordinary cup of coffee or just an ordinary coffee bar? Not this guy! Step up your coffee game with some added flavors. During the fall season, I really enjoy a few the added flavor of pumpkin spice, plus I just love the smell. It really gets me into the fall mood!

Caramel flavoring is another favorite around my house and if you really want to step up the presentation factor, use whipped cream and sprinkles. And don’t forget about the standard sugar and milk!

Add a Stool or Two

Add a stool or two to your coffee bar for extra seating | Bob's Discount Furniture
 Consider adding bar stool seating to your coffee bar for guests.

If your coffee bar setup does not include seating, you might want to consider adding a stool or two. This way, you’ll have extra seating area if needed. Another advantage of having a few extra stools in your space is the ability to quickly move them to other areas of your home when needed. Just make sure you measure the height of your counter/coffee bar before you start shopping for stools. You’ll use these measurements as your guide to determine what type of stool to purchase. 

Check out my Ultimate Stool Shopping Guide for more fun tips to consider when shopping for stools.

Share with Friends

Use your coffee bar to entertain friends for brunch or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Finally, have some fun with your coffee bar and share it with friends. A good cup of coffee is the perfect complement to a great conversation. Plus, I’m sure you’ll be excited to show off your DIY skills.

 Bonus Material: The Coffee Cart!

Turning your utility cart into a coffee cart is easier than you think | Bob's Discount Furniture
(It’s a nightstand) Get creative!

A utility cart is a great solution for small spaces because the casters allow you to move from room to room with ease. This mobile pick-me-up station is also ideal for dorm rooms and those late-night study sessions. 

I have plenty of bar carts, and nightstands with storage space, that will make a great coffee cart. Get creative with it, who said a nightstand can only be used in your bedroom?

How to Create Your Own Coffee Cart

Use the top shelf for your coffee machine and favorite mugs. Don’t forget to write your initials on your mug so you can keep track of your cups. 

Place your coffee beans and/or tea bags on the second tier. This is also the perfect place to store a few snacks if you have the room.

Use the bottom tier for extra mugs and supplies. In addition to mugs, it’s a good idea to keep a few spoons here as well so you can stir your coffee or tea.

Want more fun ideas for utility carts? Check out 5 Creative Ways to Use a Utility Cart in Your Dorm Room. Hint: You don’t need to live in a dorm room to find these tips helpful!

Share Your Coffee Bar Pictures!

Snap and pic of your coffee bar, share it on social and tag me @mybobs for a chance to be featured in my feed. Cheers!


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