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Create Your Own Terrarium in 5 Simple Steps!

  • DIY
  • October 4, 2017

There’s just something about the presence of live plants inside your house that instantly radiates a sense of calmness across the room. Here are five easy and very affordable steps to create your own terrarium.

Create your own terrarium in these 5 simple steps | Bob's Discount Furniture

Terrarium DIY

Bring a little nature inside with this super fun terrarium project! The color palette of deep green accented by pops of bright colors creates the perfect scene minus those pesky bugs!

Time required: 2-4 hours

Skill level: beginner

Budget: $20-$40

1. Gather Materials

Collect an assortment of moss in different colors and textures. You’ll also need a base with room for soil and plants. From there, it’s all up to your imagination! Hey, maybe even include a miniature Little Bob garden gnome!

Gather materials for your terrarium | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pro Tip – Try using an apothecary jar, antique glass or fish bowl.

2. Fill the Base

Place a handful of rocks in your base for drainage. Then add a layer of soil.

Fill the base of your terrarium | Bob's Discount Furniture

3. Arrange Moss

Next, add damp moss to the base. Make sure to leave room to place your plants…and that garden gnome!

Arrange the moss | Bob's Discount Furniture

4. Place Plants

Start in the center with the taller plants and then build-out. At just two feet tall, working with these small plants makes me feel like a giant!

Add plants to your terrarium | Bob's Discount Furniture

5. Room Location

Choose a spot with moderate to indirect sunlight and water by spraying lightly. Now sit back and enjoy your new terrarium and don’t forget to share a pic on social media by tagging us

Select a spot with moderate to indirect sunlight to place your terrarium | Bob's Discount Furniture


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