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From one great crew to another: Bob’s donates furniture to Chicago Firehouse 18

In January, my store team in South Loop-Chicago met a local firefighter whose firehouse was in need of new furniture for their crews. Firefighters usually work long shifts so having a comfy place to relax is important. Oh and by the way, this wasn’t just any firehouse; it was the firehouse that NBC uses to film exterior shots for the show Chicago Fire.

After their donation request was approved by my Outreach team, members of Firehouse 18 were ready to take part in a Bob-tastic Shopping Trip. They immediately set their sights on my Touchdown Recliner and Viking Sofa & Loveseat Glider. The crew mentioned that they just had a firefighter come off of maternity leave and thought she would really enjoy the glider. What a thoughtful crew!

Responding to a new emergency: COVID-19

In the weeks following the shopping trip, Firehouse 18, along with first respondents across our country, joined the front lines of the COVID-19 response in their local community. The crew has been working long hours assisting emergency calls involving COVID-19 patients, in addition to their normal fire and first-responder calls.

The Bob’s team and I were honored to give back to a team that was already sacrificing so much and is now sacrificing even more. Now, when they have some downtime, they are enjoying it on their new items from me and my team. In the words of one firefighter, Victor, “You have no idea how much this means to the team to have a relaxing place to come back to when we’re working long hours away from our families. Thank you Bob’s!”

You’re very welcome, Victor! I’d also like to extend a big “thank you” to the South Loop store and Midwest Delivery Operations who made this delivery possible. Great job team!

Chicago Firehouse 18 crew members relax on their new Bob’s sofas and recliners.


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