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Bob’s Discount Furniture Recognized for Sustainability Practices

I am honored to announce that Bob’s Discount Furniture has been recognized by the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) and the National Wildlife Federation as a leader in sustainability.  

Bob’s Discount Furniture has been named a Top Scorer on SFC’s Wood Furniture Scorecard. SFC assessed over 80 companies in the categories of responsible wood sourcing policy, responsible sourcing practices and performance and additional actions. Top scorers earned 12 or more points.

The SFC was created in 2006 with the mission of helping companies reduce their environmental footprint and to serve as a central resource for consumers to find healthy furnishings. The non-profit has over 400 members including manufacturers, retailers and designers.

“SFC is proud to recommend companies like Bob’s Discount Furniture who show their commitment to offering pro-planet furnishings by adopting and implementing a robust wood sourcing policy. Like our organization, Bob’s recognizes that consumers want to shop with brands that not only meet their needs for style and value, but also, eco-responsibility,” said Susan Inglis, SFC’s executive director.

Qualifications for Recognition

In order to gain recognition from the SFC for sustainability, companies must show how they are actively involved in sustainability practices such as responsible wood sourcing, mattress recycling and plastic recycling. Well, that was easy for me because recycling is a big priority at Bob’s Discount Furniture and I have a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives that have been in place for many years. 

“We are honored to be recognized by the Sustainable Furnishings Council and National Wildlife Federation,” said Carol Glaser, executive vice president of merchandising at Bob’s Discount Furniture. “At Bob’s, our goal is to continue to make environmentally-sound initiatives a priority, whether it’s through sustainable wood sourcing, materials recycling, or donating furniture to local nonprofits.”

What Bob’s Recycles

I recycle tons—literally tons—of products every year! It’s all part of our overall effort to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2018 alone, Bob’s Discount Furniture recycled 11,020 tons of materials including cardboard, foam and plastic film. Here is the breakdown:

 2018 Recycled Materials in Tons

  • Cardboard 10,009
  • Foam 377
  • Film 634
  • Total tons 11,020

That’s a whopping 22,040,000 pounds of materials recycled by my team in 2018, and those aren’t the only materials we recycle.

Bob’s Mattress Recycling Program

Bob’s will remove old mattresses and foundations from your home if you purchase a new mattress or foundation and have it delivered using my BOBtastic Delivery Experience. The old bedding must be in a sanitary condition to be removed. In 2018, Bob’s recycled 68,292 pieces of bedding. 

Want to recycle your old mattress and live in California, Connecticut or Rhode Island? Check out the full list of facilities.

Chair Box Recycling

My team delivers around 380,000 dining chairs each year, and we try to maximize the life of each box and recycle those that aren’t fit for delivery. Each box is used for up to four deliveries before they are recycled. Our goal is to recycle 70 percent of all chair boxes each and every year. That equals out to about 232,000 boxes each year.


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