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A “Giant” Mattress Delivery for U.S. Coast Guard Officer Candidate School

It’s going to be sweet dreams for new students of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Officer Candidate School thanks to a mattress donation from Bob’s Discount Furniture with the help of the New York Giants.

Just two weeks after the Officer Candidates began their intensive 17-week program at the school located on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s New London campus, Two-Time Super Bowl Champ and Super Bowl 25 MVP Ottis “OJ” Anderson, helped the Bob’s team load in 50 new Bob-O-Pedic Hybrid Gem mattresses. Volunteers from Bob’s nearby Distribution Center jumped in to help and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more efficient mattress assembly line in all my puppet life!

New York Giants’ Two-Time Super Bowl Champ and Super Bowl 25 MVP Ottis “OJ” Anderson helps Bob’s Discount Furniture deliver mattresses for the Officer Candidate School located on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s New London campus. Little Bob joined Anderson for lunch with the Academy Cadets and autograph signing. 

“Gang way, mattress,” the candidates chanted as they moved down hallways and around corners. OJ stood at the ready instructing the candidates and volunteers how to hold their mattresses for optimal leverage. Not bad advice!

Fox61 attended the event and though I am sure they meant to interview me, they took time to discuss what the day’s events meant to OJ.

“The look on these… candidates’ faces, to see the work ethics, the team unity that they showed.” said OJ to Fox61’s Jim Altman, “That was good for me.”

“It made go back and think about all my teammates I went to battle with, that got me the opportunity to get these two Super Bowl rings,” said OJ. “It kind of gave me that feeling again.”

As fast as the new mattresses were moved in, the old ones were moved out so candidates could begin the artful task of making the neatest beds I have ever seen!

I’ve been in the bed business for more than 30 years and I’ve never seen a tighter fold on a bed sheet! Officer Candidates brought out multiple rulers to ensure their creases were the precise measurement. They got two thumbs up from me. I hope their superiors thought the same!

“Bob’s is proud to support the U.S. Coast Guard’s Officer Candidates,” said Ramesh Murthy, Executive Vice-President and Chief Supply Chain Officer of Bob’s. “We are honored to support the military and we value our partnership with the New York Giants who have truly made this donation one to remember,” added Murthy.

After a boisterous lunch in the Academy Wardroom with the Coast Guard Academy Cadets, OJ signed autographs in Emlen Tunnell Strength and Conditioning Center- a place that holds significance for both the Giants and the U.S. Coast Guard.

OJ, a former Giants’ running back, sat in front of a display for NFL legend Emlen Tunnell who was a defensive back with the New York Giants (1948-1958) as well as a Coast Guard steward’s mate during WWII. Tunnell is also the first African American recognized in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Students lined up for more than hour while OJ signed jerseys, sneakers, sports memorabilia and photos. He stopped to chat with each eager person and while no one asked for my autograph, I was just happy to share the table with OJ.

“The Leadership Development Center and Officer Candidate School are grateful for the mattresses gifted to us from Bob’s and the New York Giants,” said Captain Joe Meuse, Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard’s Leadership Development Center.  “This amazing gift is a reminder of the support the United States Coast Guard receives from those who we have pledged to protect and serve. Additionally, the gift is not only symbolic of our partnership with America, it will also directly help the officer candidates through this program by ensuring they get a superb night’s sleep and are well rested for the challenging days ahead.”

Over the rest of the winter, Officer Candidates will be back to work to complete a very intensive program before graduating into leaders. I’m happy the Bob’s mattresses will give each candidate some much needed rest.


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