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3 Fun Ways to Style Your Bar Cart for the Holidays!

Bar carts are a fun and functional element of any party | Bob's Discount Furniture

Bar carts are a beautiful and fun way to ensure a successful holiday party. Festive bar carts will be your favorite portable sidekick, set the stage, create a fun spot for you and your guests to pour your own refreshments and make you the hostess of the year! Best of all, it’s a great way to showcase your style and holiday cheer. Today I will be sharing my tips with you on how to serve your guests in style with the ultimate holiday bar cart.

In a glamorous mood? Go with a bold bar cart!

Add some festive flute glasses or gold-rimmed glasses to your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

First things first, pick your favorite liquors – but make sure that the bottles are pretty! What’s more glamorous than some bubbly champagne and crisp white wine!? Pair them with festive flute glasses, and cute gold-rimmed glasses.

Add white marble coasters and a decanter to your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

How about some fancy white marble coasters and an elegant decanter! This is especially great if your favorite liquor doesn’t come in the prettiest bottle. Place all of the taller bottles and glassware in the back of the cart so that your smaller pieces and decor can be showcased in the front.

Use soft accents for your holiday bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Now it’s time for the most fun part! Add in some holiday decor. Use soft white accents and cutesy gold accents to keep this look soft, yet glamorous! Keep the decor tiny, you don’t want your cart to look overcrowded! I even used a small shag rug underneath.

Add some holiday themed trinkets to your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Add a wall piece behind your cart to really complete your space!

Go with something dainty for this look. I had a tough time deciding between this thin gold mirror and this adorable wire hoop wreath – which do you prefer?

Add a mirror to the wall behind your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Pair it with some elegant gold velvet stools or a bench!

Add a bench or stool to your holiday bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

How about a wintry farmhouse chic look? Go with a distressed cart!

Add beverages to your holiday bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Fill-er-up with your favorite wine or liquor bottles! If the bottles aren’t so pretty, no worries, get a tin bucket and stick them right in there! Use clear wine and drinking glasses.

Use an ice bucket to keep your beverages cool | Bob's Discount Furniture

Bring in a white ice bucket and other white vases or jars throughout the cart, displayed in bundles to tie the look together. Fill them up with some greenery or white flowers!

Use festive fabrics on your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Get festive – decorate with neutral, soft-colored trees! Faux cotton garland or stems are a beautiful way to really pull the farmhouse look together.

Try a wreath or mini chalkboard as accent pieces on your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Time for the wall piece! Try a muted color wreath or even a mini chalkboard! You can write your favorite drink recipe or a festive message, have fun with it! The best part is, you can change it whenever you want!

Add a chalkboard to the wall near your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Place a farmhouse chic bench next to it with a throw pillow and a cozy blanket. Add a metal bucket to the other side and your farmhouse chic space is complete!

Do you prefer traditional bright holiday colors? Try a wood or metal bar cart!

Buy festive colored bottles for your holiday bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

From silky and smooth, to big and bold, red wine is always a sophisticated option to have for your guests during the holidays. Buy some festive colored bottles for the beer drinkers, whiskey for the sippers, or a festive Apple cider mule!

Add some bright colors to your holiday bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

Add your own touch of holiday cheer with wreaths, garland, trees, chocolates, or mini wood signs with a fun message! I used a small wreath on the cart, a bold wall wreath, and a glitter tree! I found this adorable mini sign, “Every day you are my favorite present”, what better place to hang that on than a bottle of wine?! That sure is my favorite gift!

Add a small wreath or holiday decorations to your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture

That’s a wrap! I hope my tips made it easier and more fun for you to style the ultimate holiday bar cart – your very own portable sidekick.

I’d love to see how you’ve styled your bar cart. Snap a pic and share it on social with the hashtag #mybobs. Cheers!

Enjoy the holiday season with your bar cart | Bob's Discount Furniture


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