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What Size Rug Do I Need For My Dining Room?

Whether you’re having the entire family over for dinner, weekend brunch, or late-night takeout, you’ll want to make sure your dining room is dressed for the occasion with one of my fabulous rugs. Who said rugs were just for your living room? At Bob’s, we carry hundreds of styles that can suit family rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even your outdoors!

Blake Dining collection | Berkley Rug

Speaking of dining rooms, the right rug can really elevate your dining experience, no matter what’s on the menu. A great rug, like the ones found here, is meant to be the foundation for your room. It’s important to find the right rug for you, after all this will likely be the biggest piece of decor in that space.

Aside from looks, there are plenty of other advantages to having a dining room rug. The rug can soften sound, which is great if you have little ones running around. It also protects your dining room floors from scuffs, also great if you have little ones running around.

Bob-O-Pedic Angora Gray Shag Rug

There’s a couple of factors to consider when selecting a dining room rug, the size of your table as well as the shape. For round dining tables, you’ll want a round rug and for square/rectangle tables your best bet will be a matching-shaped area rug, this helps create a symmetrical look. Once you have the look and shape of your rug down, the next step is choosing the right size.

No matter the shape of your table, you’ll want to make sure the rug extends out past the table with all of the chairs pulled out. This will mean a rug that goes for about 24-30″ from your table. Not only is this a style choice, but a safety concern as well, you don’t want a chair to get stuck on the edge of the rug and create a tipping hazard!

Kensington Dining collection | Isobel Rug

Don’t forget to also leave about 18-24″ from the edge of the rug to your walls, you don’t want an area rug to look like wall to wall carpeting. This also helps your room look bigger, but if you have too large of a rug then your room can feel cramped.


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