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Teaming up for the Third Annual Bed-Zone Bash

With Pat Patriot leading the charge, hundreds of children ran onto Gillette Stadium’s field in a scramble to find their very own brand-new beds provided by Bob’s Discount Furniture in partnership with the New England Patriots Foundation.

The third annual Bed-Zone Bash brought children from five area organizations to the stadium to receive twin mattresses, foundations, and pillows from Bob’s.

“I can tell you all of us at Bob’s are humbled and excited to be part of this amazing event,” said Bob’s President and CEO Bill Barton. “As you may know, getting a good night’s sleep is a very important part of doing well in school and in life. We’re very excited to be donating these beds and helping you get a great start to the school year.”

Toddlers to teenagers from Old Colony YMCA, Crossroads Rhode Island, Georgetowne Homes, Ellis Early Learning Center, and United South End Settlements, arrived at Gillette Stadium for what they believed was a tour. Once brought onto the field, children learned the beds were theirs to keep.

“Gratitude knows no bounds,” said Karen Santilli, CEO Crossroads Rhode Island. “Thanks to the incredible generosity of Bob’s Discount Furniture and the New England Patriots Foundation, dozens of children in Crossroads Rhode Island’s housing programs are now experiencing the warmth and comfort of a proper bed. Your donation is more than just beds; it’s a promise of brighter mornings and hopeful futures. Together, we’re transforming lives, one bed at a time, one home at a time.”

Bed-Zone Bash, Gillette Stadium, photo courtesy of the New England Patriots

Some recipients snuggled up on their beds hugging teddy bears provided by Build-A-Bear while others kicked back to relax and flip through books donated by Scholastic.

A nearly six-foot teenager, Javari, from Brockton, Massachusetts, was anything but shy as he made a running start to dive onto his new bed.

Several New England Patriots players stopped by to visit and sign autographs.

Elementary school-aged boys played catch on the Patriots home turf, fulfilling the dream of any football fan.

The New England Patriots Foundation set the stage for the day in addition to providing bedding, activities, and lunch for the children.

“We are so honored and grateful to work with Bob’s Discount Furniture and CEO Bill Barton for Bed-Zone Bash,” said Josh Kraft, President New England Patriots Foundation. “It was a pleasure to be able to work with Bob’s and receive support from the wonderful teams at Hope & Comfort, Build-A-Bear, and Scholastic to be able to provide beds and essential items for these kids.”

Bob’s CEO Bill Barton (left) with Patriots Foundation President Josh Kraft (right) at the Bed-Zone Bash, Gillette Stadium, photo courtesy of the New England Patriots.

Many groups came together to make this year’s Bed-Zone Bash a possibility including two area high school football teams. Athletes from Worcester Tech helped the Bob’s delivery crew set-up for the day and the Brockton High School football team helped to prepare the mattresses for delivery home.

Volunteers from Worcester Tech help load beds onto the field for the Bed-Zone Bash, Gillette Stadium.

Brockton High School coach, Jermaine Wiggins, a former New England Patriots tight end, boomed instructions to his players. They looked out in awe over the professional football field and the hundreds of beds for those in need.

“I wanted them to see inside the stadium,” said Coach Wiggins. “But I also wanted them to see what giving back means.”

Overseeing his players work in pairs to carry the mattresses and foundations, Coach Wiggins said, “I wanted them to have an experience that may change their lives. I wanted to help them see outside of what they see every day and hopefully that inspires them to stay on the path they are on.”

From the high school teams to the Bob’s employees, to the generous Patriots Foundation, everyone worked together to make the event memorable and possible for every child.

“I think this is just fabulous… what Bob’s does for volunteering and for the community,” said Angela Scott, Bob’s Director of Employee Policy, and Procedure.  “It feels so fabulous to be out here in this beautiful stadium, on a wonderful day, doing a different kind of work for the community.”