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Calling all fido lovers out there! Today is a day devoted entirely to dogs and they deserve to be celebrated! Don’t have one and have been contemplating getting one? Adopt! There are many shelters filled with pups in need of a loving home.  I promise you that you’ve never experienced a greeting like theirs before. Tail wags, lots of (slobbery) kisses, and maybe even zoomies to greet you at your door! (Even if you’ve only been gone for 10 minutes). 

Whether your pup is your favorite snuggle buddy, work from home companion, or always there to lift your spirits, the relationship between you two is like no other.

Wondering how to celebrate them on this day? Dogs are more simple than you think. All they really want is to be playful with their owners, and to be loved and snuggled (only some enjoy this). So other than taking them for a long walk, or to the dog park to play with the other neighborhood pups, giving them their favorite treat and non stop belly rubs, I guarantee you they will love nothing more than to hop up on that bed or sofa of yours to end the day right by your side. 

If you already allow your doggo onto your furniture, great! If not, wipe their paws clean, and let them hop up just for today! (Warning, this may turn into a long term thing, because you’ll love it so much and they will too). Worried about too much fur or dirt on your sofa? Nothing a vacuum and Goof Proof can’t fix! 

Check out these sweet loving pups in all of their glory lounging on Bob’s furniture. They’re happy as can be and yours can be too! Woof!

Look at this fancy lady rocking the best looking collar and pendant I’ve ever seen!
She’s loving life perked up on this sofa

Name something cuter than a dog and a baby. I’ll wait…

A casual couch hangout between a dog and a two foot spokes puppet. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Bailey being the model dog he is, striking a pose on this sectional

Lola looking regal on this glamorous Diva bedroom set

Django taking a well deserved nap after being a good boy starring in one of Bob’s commercials

Max looking happy as ever sinking those furry paws into this plush rug

It’s your turn! 

We’d love to see your doggos living their best life lounging on your furniture at home! Have them strike a pose, take a pic, and post it on social. Tag @mybobs for a chance to be featured on our feed!


I'm a designer here at Bob's! My goal is to make our furniture stand out and look beautiful while giving you ideas and inspiration on styling your own space! I love all things artsy - If I'm not behind a lens (even if it's just an iphone lens), decorating my home, or participating in a fitness challenge, you'll find me watching Tasty videos, hiking up a mountain, or curled up on my couch planning my next adventure.