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National Ice Cream Day, The Bob’s Way

Why is ice cream always invited to the party? It’s the coolest! And so are you, which is why Bob’s is celebrating National Ice Cream Day by inviting guests to come into any store Café coast-to-coast this July for an ice cream treat on me! 

In fact, all of Bob’s on-the-house Cafés offer ice cream, candy, cookies, and coffee year-round! That’s just the Bob’s way! 

I’ve got tons of options to choose from for all you wafflers out there. To be precise, we order 30,000 gallons of traditional ice cream, non-fat ice cream, and sherbet flavors every year! Come by on National Ice Cream Day or any day to celebrate in a sweet way!

Just like Bob’s promise of “no gimmicks,” the complimentary Café treats have been part of Bob’s store concept since the early 1990s, as a way to say thanks to guests for stopping in. 

In the early days, store associates scooped ice cream for guests and baked cookies on-site. The aroma of chocolate chip cookies was synonymous with a family shopping trip to Bob’s. 

Some stores had vintage arcade games, a mini golf course, a popcorn machine and root beer floats—talk about nostalgia! 

Today, our individually packaged treats make snacking in our Cafés simple, and guests can still enjoy our large glass jars of penny candy just like in the good ol’ days. I won’t tell if you take a few for the road! 

Escape the July heat and celebrate National Ice Cream Day with Bob’s! You + Ice cream + Bob’s = Mint to be.


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