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10 Magnificent Mattress Reviews by Real Customers

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  • January 27, 2020

You can get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of on my Bob-O-Pedic Signature mattress. With features like temperature regulation, odor control and pressure relief, this mattress has it all.

And you don’t have to take a spokes-puppets word on the quality and value of this mattress, because real humans have shared their real experiences!

#1 After all these years, I still haven’t lost the element of surprise….

Great mattress

Shopped around and went with the Bob’s mattress because of price…discovered that the quality is very high. That shouldn’t have surprised me since I have purchased other Bob’s furniture and always been pleased with price and quality.

#2 Mattress shopping without the nightmare

Excellent service

Rod was my salesman. He is very knowledgeable on the products. He is patient and explained everything needed during the delivery date and warrenty.

#3 We’ve got your back…. Pain

Signature Gel Firm = AWESOME!

For many years I’ve dealt with waking up to mild/medium back pain. Never had a new mattress…. until this one. We decided to purchase a new, firm mattress and decided on this one. We’ve had it for about a month now; literally ALL of my waking to back pains have ceased! I also sleep soundly through the night, whereas I used to wake up several times. This mattress has truly helped us in many ways; the cooling part of it is a bonus 😉 Thank you very much ‘Abigail’ in the Nashua NH store for leading us to this mattress. 5-stars all the way!!!!

#4 I hope Meridith wins mother of the year award!

Amazing sleep!!

My daughter said she had the first night of real deep sleep in ages on her nee BobOPedic mattress. She likes one with a little more give, and said she snuggleed into her bed and got the best night’s rest in as long as she can remember! And thanks to our delivery team as well – in the rain they scurried everything inside and up the stairs and had it installed in a blink of an eye. They were courteous and professional. It was a great experience – thanks Bob!!

#5 Disclaimer: Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam isn’t made with real clouds

Best mattress

Went from superfirm uncomfortable from another store to the best mattress ever. It is like sleeping on a cloud. Bob’s is the best.

#6 Luke’s mattress fills him with emojis



#7 James, I’m also available for soothing cuddles. Just so you know.

Bob-O-Pedic Signature Queen Firm Mattress

This is the mattress we’ve been dreaming of! The gel layer keeps us cool at night and the memory foam eases our aches and pains. It conforms to my body and doesn’t put pressure on my hips and shoulders. When we lay down at night it’s like a great big soothing cuddle.

#8 Chanel would start a movement, if she could get out of bed

Best night sleep

Haven’t had s good nights sleep in a while. This mattress has changed my life. All my family and friends have asked for details. I think they may convert.

#9 A cautionary tale from Traci

This mattress is everything!

Considering how much of your life you spend sleeping, isn’t it worth it to have a great mattress? This one forms to your body so crawling into bed is like getting a nice hug. Beware though, you may not want to get out of bed in the morning.

#10 Rosa only needs one word to describe her mattress purchase




Shhhhh… Diego is sleeping

I’m a very happy sleeping

I’m a very happy sleeping man!


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