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Lots to Love About Bettie!

My Bettie was first introduced in this iconic midcentury teal as well as gray.

Trying to live your peak lounge life? Cosmopolitan Magazine just featured my Bettie Sofa in their list of “deliciously comfortable” couches under $500! Probably because it checks so many boxes—style ✔️ value ✔️ comfort ✔️ built-in popcorn machine…ummmm I’ll work on that next! Seriously though, it’s no wonder my Bettie Sofa is turning the heads of so many guests!

Catching up on some work on my gray Bettie.

My merchandising team works super hard to bring you the beauty, and they knocked it out of the park on this one!  They say Bettie’s style and affordable price are key to making it a best-seller from coast to coast.

“We offer so many relevant and on-trend furniture products and Bettie is just one example of this,” said Bob’s Vice President of Merchandising, Tracy Paccione. “We have been expanding our looks to appeal to more customers and also space solutions,” added Paccione.

Bettie in Russet is stealing the show and its no wonder why!

The Bettie sofa was introduced in the fall of 2021 in two iconic mid-century colors symbolic of the Mad Men style era. A third color and a chofa (sofa + chaise) were added when the merchandising team saw the success of the collection.

The sofa is offered in soft shades of teal and gray as well as a retro russet color, that caught the eye of the Cosmopolitan writer. “Burnt orange is one of the color spectrum’s greatest gifts to humanity, and that’s just facts,” penned journalist Annabel Iwegbue. “Now, I present you with this lovely mid-century-inspired sofa to back up my argument.”

Paccione said the merchandising team is thrilled that Cosmopolitan has taken note of the sofa. “It’s great that the Bettie Collection is recognized,” commented Paccione. “It’s stylish, has endless options, is comfortable, and is a great value.”

If you want a little insider info, I have it on good authority that the team will be expanding the Bettie collection to other rooms in the home. Mid-century here we come!

Coming soon to a Bob’s near you: The Bettie Bedroom!

Be on the lookout late summer or early Fall, for a new Bettie bedroom set and a dining room set! Why not give the people what they want? It’s my favorite thing to do—especially when what they want is stylish furniture at an affordable price!

Dennis LeClair, Buyer with Bob’s merchandising team, talks about the process of selecting the perfect products for guests, including the Bettie collection.


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