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How to Measure for Delivery

Measure your room to make sure your new furniture will fit | Bob's Discount Furniture

Congratulations! You just purchased brand-new furniture that’s going to look great in your home. Let me help you prepare for delivery.

Bob’s “Will it Fit?” Checklist

Here’s a simple checklist to ensure quick, convenient and successful furniture delivery and setup.

Measure Your New Furniture

Carefully note the length, depth, height and diagonal measurements of your furniture. Be sure to measure from the widest point to the widest point. The diagonal is particularly important for larger items, like tall headboards, oversized sofas and chairs and queen one-piece foundations. These pieces are the most likely to cause delivery challenges. Your Bob’s Sales Professional will be happy to help you with this.

Measure Your Home

Sometimes it takes some maneuvering to get your new furniture in the room it’s destined for. Starting with the front door, measure the length, width, height and diagonal of the path your furniture will take. Here’s what you need to take note of:

Front Door

Note which way your door opens (in or out) and how far it opens. The available entry space may actually be smaller than the door dimensions.


Measure the height and width of the ceiling, doorways and archways. Large or heavy pieces are often tipped on their side. As such, the ceiling/doorway height must be taller than the diagonal measurement of the furniture. Also, use the diagonal to determine if a piece will fit around a corner.


Knowing the width and ceiling height of your staircase is important, especially if the staircase is turned. Also, be sure to consider the height of the railing in relation to the piece. Again, use the diagonal to determine if the furniture will fit up and around the turned stairs.


Elevators are great for deliveries if your new furniture fits inside. Measure the height, depth, width and diagonal of the elevator. Is there enough room for your new piece AND one of our delivery professionals?

Let Your Salesperson Know About Potential Delivery Issues

Can a 34-foot delivery truck fit down your street? Do you live on the 10th floor of a building with a small elevator? A 5th-floor walk-up? Are parking permits required for your neighborhood? We’ve successfully handled most delivery situations. Let us know all you can ahead of time. This will allow us to make plans to get your new furniture in your home to enjoy it for years to come.

My Measurements

Please bring your home measurements with you when you meet with your Bob’s Sales Professional.