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How to Assemble a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

We all know how challenging it can be to sleep in a bedroom other than your own, so I put together a few handy tips to create a comfortable guest bedroom. These tips are especially useful during the holiday season when family and friends stop by to visit. 

Before I dig into the tips, let’s also talk about the function of a guest bedroom – it’s an extra room that you can utilize when you don’t have visitors. So, when you’re designing your guest bedroom consider multipurpose furniture that will keep your guests comfortable and provide pieces that you can utilize when you don’t have visitors.

Select a Bed

Let’s jump right in. A welcoming guest bedroom needs a comfortable and functional bed. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Storage Beds

Montana White Bookcase Storage Bed | Bob’s Discount Furniture

The Montana Bookcase Storage Bed has plenty of storage space.

Getting back to my point above that a guest bedroom is really an extra bedroom, I suggest purchasing a storage bed. A storage bed provides extra space to stow bed linens, pillows and maybe those extra seasonal clothes that you don’t have a spot in your room. Utilizing the storage drawers in the bed means that you don’t have to place these items in the closet, thus freeing up space for your guests to use when they visit. 

Trundle Bed

Chadwick Captain Bed with Trundle | Bob's Discount Furniture
My Chadwick Twin Captain Bed with trundle and storage drawers!

Gain valuable storage in your guest bedroom with my Chadwick Twin Captain Bed With Trundle! Available in your choice of espresso, rustic walnut or gray, this functional captain bed is a great way to store clothing and shoes. Plus, sleepovers are now easier than ever thanks to the super convenient trundle!

Bunk Bed

Chadwick Gray Bunk Bed | Bob’s Discount Furniture

The Chadwick gray bunk bed is versatile and fun!

Bunk beds aren’t just for summer camp and kids’ rooms! Bunk beds are a fun option for guest bedrooms and a great way to maximize space, especially with the trundle option. The trundle bed gives you sleeping space for three people. 

Sleeper Sofa

If you have limited space in your guest room and also plan on using it as a television room when you don’t have visitors, I suggest a sleeper sofa. This option gives you seating during the day and a comfy place to rest at night. And the best part is, you can just tuck the bed away when you’re not using it.

My Willow sleeper sofa is a cozy option with a pull-out mattress.

My Willow Bob-O-Pedic Cooling Memory Foam Sleeper features soft chenille upholstery and stylish accent pillows. Plus, the Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam cushions are super comfortable, making lounging ultra-cozy!

Don’t Forget About a Mattress!

Now that you’ve selected the perfect bed for your guest bedroom, you need a comfy mattress for family and friends to sleep on. Since there are a number of different sleep styles and a variety of preferences in regards to firm or plush, I’ve selected some mattresses that are perfect for a guest bed.

Signature Hybrid

The Signature is a great option if you are looking for a hybrid mattress in firm and plush feels.

My Signature Hybrid mattress features the support of an innerspring mattress plus the comfort of Bob-O-Pedic Gel Memory Foam. A foam encased, individually wrapped coil system provides your body with maximum conformance and support. The innovative cooling cover helps you regulate your temperature while you sleep.

Copper Sport Hybrid

Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid mattress features memory foam plus layers of gel foam.

My Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattress will regulate your temperature while you sleep using a cool-to-the-touch cover with innovative copper threads!

Then a layer of Bob-O-Pedic Quick Response Gel Memory Foam with Copper manages pressure relief and temperature regulation. A layer of Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam offers even more comfort and keeps you supported all night long.

Finally, there’s a layer of transition foam for additional comfort, while an individually wrapped coil system adds conformance and support and a layer of base foam gives long term support and durability! This hybrid mattress is the sweet-spot combo you’ve been searching for!

Bed for Your Head

Bob-O-Pedic Essential Pillow

Don’t forget about the pillows! Give your guests a comfy place to rest their head with my Bob-O-Pedic Essential Pillows. Complete with cradling plush comfort, optimum pressure relief, and my famous Bob-O-Pedic shredded memory foam, you won’t believe the value loaded in these pillows. Not to mention, the soft quilted cover ensures a comfortable sleep all night long!

Dress up the Bed

Now that you’ve picked out a great bed, a comfy mattress and a supportive pillow, it’s time to dress the bed. Start with my eco-friendly tencel sheet set. These sheets are designed to help create a cool night’s sleep. You’ll also love the soft touch and oversized dimensions that allow for a lovely drape and fit.

Next, select a comforter set that looks great and is comfortable, but doesn’t overpower the room. I suggest a simple white comforter set.

Eden 9 Piece Comforter Set | Bob's Discount Furniture

My Eden 9 Piece Comforter Set is solid white with lovely pleated details.

Sets to Wow Your Guests

If you’re starting from a blank slate with your guest bedroom and really looking to impress, check out these bedroom sets that have a guaranteed WOW factor!

Diva II

Diva II Bedroom Set | Bob’s Discount Furniture

Go glam with my Diva II bedroom set.

Add some glam to your room with my Diva II Bedroom Set. Finished in platinum, this set features a tufted headboard with nailhead details and an LED light. You’ll love all the storage you get from the elegant dresser and mirror combo. Don’t forget about the two drawer nightstand and its convenient light underneath!


Montana White Bedroom Set | Bob’s Discount Furniture
The Montana bedroom set is white with black detail featuring an antique feel.

With its antique look, my Montana Storage Bedroom Set feels just like home! The headboard is packed with features, like two USB ports and two handy storage drawers in the footboard. Furthermore, the nightstand comes with a small basket which only adds to the overall convenience of storage. The self-closing drawers and felt-lined top drawers of the pieces complete the set!

Spencer Gray

Spencer Gray Storage Bedroom Set | Bob’s Discount Furniture
The Spencer gray storage bedroom set is a classic set with simple, elegant lines.

My Spencer Storage Bedroom Set has everything you need to stay organized and under budget! This classic bedroom set includes a storage bed, dresser, mirror and nightstand. It’s easy to store clothing and belongings out of sight with the numerous storage drawers in nearly every piece!

Fun & Functional Pieces

After you have accounted for all the must-have furniture pieces in your guest bedroom, it’s time to add a little fun and function to your space. Check out some of these nifty pieces that will have your guests wishing they could stay longer!

Montana Corner Console

Montana White 48'' Corner TV Console | Bob's Discount Furniture
Montana White 48” Corner TV Console

My Montana Corner Console is great because it fits snug into a corner to help maximize your space. This rustic piece is a great place for a TV and has plenty of storage for extra bed linens or media.

Desk & Chair

Spencer 4 piece desk & chair

Create a workspace in your guest bedroom with a desk and a chair. Your guests will appreciate the space to catch up on emails! Also, unless you plan on having guests visit every weekend, you can use this desk and chair as a workspace.

Dress Up Your Floor

Adding an area rug is a really simple and cost-effective way to add some style to your guest bedroom. You’ll be amazed at the impact a rug can have on the overall look of the room. If you have a small guest bedroom, I suggest placing the bed and nightstands on the rug, with a few feet on either side of the bed.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The guest bedroom is usually the smallest bedroom in the house and I’m always getting questions about how to make the room feel bigger. Well, I’m happy to say I have an answer that doesn’t involve major construction! Add a mirror or two in the guest bedroom to make the space feel bigger. Mirrors help bounce around light in the room and make the space feel more open. A full-length mirror can really help a room feel bigger, but if you don’t have the space for a full-length mirror, try a smaller size that you can hang on the wall.

Accent Your Space

Add some fun to your guest bedroom with a stylish accent piece. This could be as simple as adding an eye-catching wall clock or a really cool small accent table to your guest bedroom. If you have a little extra space to work with, consider an accent chair with a pop of color. Accent chairs are not only great for adding style to the room but also function.

Light up the Room

You want to make sure that there is proper lighting in your guest bedroom. Most guest bedrooms will have a standard overhead light in the middle of the room that serves as general lighting, but also take a minute to think about functional lighting. If you have guests that enjoy reading a book before bed, bring in a floor lamp next to a cozy chair. If you don’t have space for a reading chair, place a lamp on the nightstand.

Let Nature In

Add fresh flowers to your bedroom | Bob's Discount Furniture
Add fresh flowers to your bedroom.

Sleeping in a bedroom other than your own can be a bit of an adjustment for some people, so bring a sense of calm to the room with indoor plants. A few plants placed around the room will add a bit of peacefulness to your guest bedroom. Try to mix and match between green plants and fresh flowers. You don’t need to bring in a massive bouquet that will dominate the room, instead, a few fresh cut flowers in a small vase will do the trick.

Let Your Inner Designer Out!

Now that you have all of these great ideas, it’s time to create your guest bedroom. Did you know that my 3D Room Planner allows you actually build out your guest bedroom so you can get an idea of how it will look? Yup, how cool is that?! You can add in furniture, rugs, mirrors, even paint the walls. My 3D Room Planner is super easy to use and a lot of fun. Go ahead, and try it today!

Share Your Guest Bedroom

I’d love to see how you’ve styled your guest bedroom. Snap a picture, share it on social and tag me @mybobs for a chance to be featured on my feed. 


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