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Go Hollywood

If you love to entertain like a star, with the max amount of bling, sparkle and drama, Hollywood Regency style is for you!

The 1930’s were Hollywood’s “Golden Age,” and movie stars were expected to throw fabulous parties for their equally fabulous friends. They and their designers would compete with other celebs to bring the drama and glamour of a movie set into their own homes. That’s how Hollywood Regency design was born, and it’s still a celebrity favorite today. Follow these simple rules of Hollywood Regency design and wow your friends with celebrity glam style!

Luxurious materials

Super sumptuous fabrics and fabric treatments are a hallmark of Hollywood Regency | Bob's Discount Furniture

Super sumptuous fabrics and fabric treatments are a hallmark of Hollywood Regency. Think velvet, satin, faux furs and comfy tufting! A headboard with luxurious tufting will make you feel pampered and special every time you see them.

Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces like mirrors help create that Hollywood look | Bob's Discount Furniture

Before the selfie, Hollywood movie stars liked mirrors and lots of them. Mirrors with opulent frames are just the starting point for Hollywood Regency though. Even more glamour is added with mirrored surfaces, metallic and jeweled accents and high gloss finishes.

Simple backgrounds and bright, exotic accents

You and your stunning furniture shouldn’t be upstaged by the room itself! Hollywood Regency uses a simpler palette for the floor and walls, often black and white and more neutral furniture fabrics. A plain background will make your bright accent colors (red, yellow, turquoise) and unusual accents (large artwork, an Asian vase) really pop. If you have some awesome souvenirs from your own exotic travels that you can display, all the better. In the true Hollywood Regency style, your accessories should be conversation starters!

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