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@georginashomedecor Shares an Inside Look at Her Dining Room

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  • November 22, 2019

This week, I’m showcasing styles from Georgina (@georginashomedecor)

Not only is Georgina a stylist and home decor lover, she is also a wonderful wife and mother to two little cuties!

When we decided to purchase a new dining room set we knew exactly where to go. We had purchased a bedroom set from bob’s before and we loved the quality and price! We knew we would find exactly what we wanted.

I was looking for something stylish and timeless and my husband’s main concern was comfort. When I saw the Riverdale dining set I knew it was perfect! I LOVED the legs on the table and my husband loved how comfortable the chairs were!

Georgina sitting at her Riverdale 7 Piece Dining Set

We have owned this set for over 2 years and still love it as much as we did when we first purchased it.

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Can’t get enough of this Style Showcase? You won’t believe what an amazing job Alyssa did styling her dining room.

@fiorefurnishings – featuring the Sonoma Dining


I consider myself the luckiest spokespuppet ever because I get to talk about the thing I love the most everyday – furniture! Tufted headboards, rustic finishes, the difference between a sofa and a couch (yes, there is a difference)… I could go on and on. Oh, I just love furniture and I’m SO excited that I have this blog to share my passion with you! It may take me a little longer to create posts – have you ever tried typing with clay hands – but I look forward to talking furniture with you!