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Football Festivities: Get Ready for the Big Game

For lots of people, sporting events are a big deal. Even if you can’t get out to the game, it’s a lot of fun to watch from home. Watching the game is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, whether you’re cheering on your team or just looking for an excuse to eat too much of your best friend’s famous three-cheese dip. Here’s a few quick tips to make sure your big game experience is as enjoyable as possible!

Step 1: Get Some Snacks

It just isn’t a big game without a big spread- whether you’re into healthy fare or junk food, get ready to indulge! Load up with your favorite spread and sink into the Magnus’ memory foam as you indulge in your football favorites. Better yet, grab a drink and recline worry-free with the built-in lighted cupholders in my Panther power sofa– they’ll keep your drink safe and easy to find, even in the dark!

Step 2: Get Your Group

Big games are the perfect opportunity to get together with friends or family, whether you’re invested in the outcome or not. Just be sure you have enough seating for everyone! My spacious Titan and Walker power sectionals have plenty of room for everyone to kick back and enjoy the game.

Step 3: Charge Up

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Whether you’re a perpetual stat-tracker or a social media star, odds are you’ll find yourself using your phone at least a few times throughout the game. Don’t be caught with a dead battery- take charge (sorry!) with my Magnus’s built in USB charging ports.

Step 4: Get Relaxed

The excitement of a big game can really get your blood pumping, but it can also be a stressful experience if you’re too into it. So take a breath and find someplace comfortable to sit while you take it all in. My favorite spot happens to be my Magnus sofa, with its power recliner and headrests. You don’t even have to kick your feet up to relax- it’ll lift them for you!

So kick back, grab a snack, and let me worry about getting your living room game-ready so you can focus on letting the good times roll!


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