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5 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Entryway

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  • March 31, 2023

Oh, the entryway…Organizing it is probably last on your to-do list, but this small (but mighty) space is a key player in your daily life. In a perfect world, your entryway lets you transition in and out of your home smoothly. Unfortunately, it can feel like a tornado of boots, backpacks, and boxes, but I’ll show you how to tame it all. With a few pieces of super functional furniture and smart wall items, you can take your entryway, foyer, entrance hall—whatever you wanna call it—from messy to marvelous.

See my tips below for organizing this oh-so-important space, so you can save time (and your sanity) each time you open your front door.

1. Create a warm welcome for you and your guests

An entryway rug is the ultimate welcome mat. It’s there to greet you at the door, protect your floors from daily foot traffic, and collect dirt and grime from the outside. Most importantly, this rug adds an instant element of coziness when you come home for that “home sweet home” feeling.

When choosing this floor decor, you could, of course, keep it in the same color palette as the rest of your furniture and carpets, but since it fills such a small area of the home, you can go a little wild with colors or prints that fit your personality. Either way, the rug or runner will help define this transitional “entry” space of your home and unify it.

So, yes, even though this item gets walked all over, it is your home’s first impression, so make it count!

2. Prioritize the almighty console table

Okay, you just walked in the door, now you’re probably wondering what to do with your keys and mail. Behold the console table—it’s not like a regular table, it’s a multi-talented table. It doesn’t take up walking space with its slim and slender design, yet its surface space is long enough to hold all the necessities: trays or bowls for loose items, like sunglasses, plus decorative items, like candles or vases. This is great for day-to-day usage, but you know I’m all about multi-functional furniture. Your console table can also transform into a makeshift bar during parties! Just add a few wine bottles and fancy glasses, and give your guests a refreshing arrival. See? I told you the console was multi-talented.

And that’s just the surface of it. My affordable console tables and cabinets come in lots of different styles, and I’ve added drawers and shelves for even more storage, which reminds me…Placing storage baskets on your console’s shelves is a smart way to stay organized, too, but I’ll get to that below.

3. Contain the clothing chaos

Clothes seem to end up all over the home, but they’re especially a nuisance in the entryway. The last thing you want to do is come home after a long day and trip over shoes or pick up jackets from the floor. You can go for either a standing coat rack or a mounted wall rack, depending on your space, but also consider what needs to go on the rack. If kids will be hanging their backpacks, it may be easier for them to grab them off a lower-hanging wall rack and not risk tipping over a standing unit.

As for shoes, a shoe rack is an obvious choice that you may already have, but why not try a bench? It will keep everyone’s pairs tidy, serve as a soft spot to sit down and lace up, and many options even include hidden storage—triple whammy!

Here’s where those baskets and bins come in. These work great for small grab-and-go items, like gloves, scarves, and water bottles. Just get a few matching ones to store under your console or bench, and designate them accordingly. 

4. Your mission: design a command station

This is the area of your entryway that’s designated for tasks, to-do lists, and pretty much anything we’re all prone to forgetting. If you have kids, it’s also a great spot to keep track of homework and after-school activities. You can nail all of this—literally—by hanging a few simple additions:

  • A wall calendar to fill in everyone’s schedules
  • A chalkboard for shopping lists and notes
  • Wall racks for important papers that your kids would normally crush in their backpacks
  • Shelves for small items your kids need help keeping an eye on (think library books, winter hats, pretty much everything)

5. Add your own sparkling touches

Like any area of the home, adding personal touches to your space can take it to the next level. And for the entryway, the right pieces can serve as both style and function. By hanging a mirror above your console or bench, it gives the illusion that this space is bigger than it is (and you can sneak in one final makeup check before leaving the house). Lamps add useful lighting when coming home after dark, and they make for a cool-looking statement piece. If you have the space for it, floor or table plants add a fresh pop of color and serve as a nice transition from outdoor to indoor life. If there’s still wall space, go for a bold piece of artwork—it’ll also be the perfect conversation starter when guests walk in.

Now that you’re armed with simple ideas to elevate your entryway, it’s time to shop and get your life a little more organized!


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