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Enjoy A Chill Night’s Sleep With A Cooling Copper Mattress!

Copper keeps me cooler

You probably hate to sweat at night but at least you won’t catch on fire like I might! My new Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattress contains copper, which conducts excess heat away and keeps me cool all night long. And cooler sleep means less tossing and turning. Which means more rest. And a happier Little Bob every morning!

Copper helps my sore muscles

People and puppets have believed in the healing power of copper for ages.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Romans, and Aztecs all used copper for a variety of medicinal purposes.

French researchers believed it prevented cholera, and German scientists tied copper to lower risks for arthritis.

Athletes use copper to help them recover faster after tough workouts, races, and games. 

Now, I can’t run a four-minute mile, but moving furniture can be heavy work too! When my muscles get sore, my Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattress provides great recovery support.

It cushions my neck and shoulders and conforms to my hips and lower back, to keep me aligned all night long so that I wake up refreshed and ready to be my smiling self.

Sore muscles, no problem!

Copper helps me sleep cleaner

Some studies show that copper kills germs with no nasty chemicals needed! So instead of being a breeding ground for cooties like dust mites and bacteria, the copper in my new Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattress might keep them under control. I’m told it even helps with woodworms!

Six layers of cooling comfort

From cover to core, my new Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattress uses copper to provide me with endless comfort.

Layer one: The cool-to-the-touch cover regulates heat and protects against nasty germs with embroidered copper threads.

Copper threads on my Bob-O-Pedic Copper mattress

Layer two: Then comes a layer of Bob-O-Pedic Quick Response Gel Memory Foam with Copper to manage pressure relief, provide more temperature regulation, and keep me comfy in all the right places!

Layer three: An added layer of Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam matches the shape of my body for comfort, support, and pressure relief all night long. 

Layer four: Transition foam, to ensure even more comfort.

Layer five: The individually wrapped coil system helps the mattress conform to my body’s unique shape and gives my additional support. 

Layer six: Base foam for long term support and durability!

CertiPUR-US® Certified

I really care about everything that goes into every one of my products. Independent labs tested and certified the foam in my Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattresses to ensure content, emissions, and durability. 

CertiPUR-US® certified foams maintain low emission (VOCs) for indoor quality; they’re made without prohibited phthalates; ozone depleters (no CFCs); mercury, lead, or heavy metals; formaldehyde; or  PBDE flame retardants.

Built to last warranty and comfort replacement policy

My Bob-O-Pedic Copper Sport Hybrid Mattresses come with an 18-year Non Pro-Rated Warranty, and are warranted against all manufacturers defects for the duration of the warranty period.

Plus – if you’re not happy after you’ve slept on your mattress for 30 days then give us a shout! You may arrange for a one-time re-selection of the mattress only within 90 days of the original receipt date. We will charge or credit you for any difference in cost between the original and the re-selected mattress and you will be responsible for the delivery cost to exchange the mattresses.


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