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Bob’s Teams Up with the Bruins for Declan and Owen

The Boston Bruins Foundation and Bob’s Discount Furniture joined forces to furnish spaces for two pediatric cancer patients in the Boston area.

Families of each child visited their local Bob’s Discount Furniture store to shop for new items for their homes. The Bruins’ mascot, Blades, helped the families find everything from sofas to bunkbeds and even found himself wedged in one of Bob’s Weecliners, made just for our smallest guests!

“It was a joy to welcome the Noonan and Lyons families as well as the Bruins into Bob’s stores to shop for furniture for their homes,” said Lindsay Ruszczyk, Bob’s Communications and Community Outreach Director. “Bob’s is honored to help these two families during very challenging times. Both the Noonans and the Lyons have careers that serve the public and we’re glad we can give back to deserving people who have done so much for their own communities.”

Meet Declan and the Lyons Family

The Lyons family had just learned that their three-year-old Declan had a rare form of brain cancer when their home sustained significant water damage. The family of six was displaced due to the damage and lost many of their home furnishings.

The Boston Bruins Foundation learned about the Lyons and Declan and quickly sprang to action with the help of Bob’s Discount Furniture.

“When the Bruins organization and Bob’s Discount Furniture came through, we just felt floored that people were being so generous,” said Declan’s mother, Sarah. “Our kids really love it. There are some great pieces; quality pieces; comfortable pieces. We are also going to have a lot of great new family memories on our new basement couch that I am looking forward to,” she added.

Declan has a twin brother, J.B. as well as a sister, Mallory, 9, and a brother, Kellen, 11. Sarah is a meteorologist for CBS News Boston WBZ, and Bobby Lyons is the Waltham High School Associate Principal.

Bob’s welcomed the family to their Natick location to shop for two new family sofas and other pieces. Declan was unable to attend the shopping trip as he was undergoing intense in-patient treatment, but his twin brother J.B. understood the assignment. With the help of Blades, J.B. picked out the perfect bunkbed for their newly renovated bedroom.

“It’s been amazing to be able to choose some furniture that’s definitely loved by our entire family,” said Sarah.

Bob’s delivered the Lyon’s new furniture the same week the family was able to move back into their home after being displaced for five months.

Sarah showed Declan all the new furniture via FaceTime, as he was still undergoing treatment in the hospital. Declan enjoyed the house tour and seeing his new bed but he was most excited to see Blades!

You can follow Declan’s journey and support the family by visiting Declan’s blog page here.

Meet Owen and the Noonan Family

The Noonan family shopped at their local Bob’s in Dedham, Massachusetts with a goal of updating the children’s bedroom and a special room where Lauren and Owen can rest when Owen is receiving out-patient treatments.

Owen is a sweet 4-year-old boy battling leukemia. He has a twin sister Maeve and an older brother Tripp, 8. Owen’s father, Bobby, is a firefighter for Boston Fire Department and a member of the Boston Fire Hockey Team. Owen’s mother, Lauren, is a junior varsity girls’ hockey coach at Ursuline Academy.

On delivery day, all three children watched as Blades bound up their walkway to help the Bob’s Discount Furniture team set-up their brand-new furniture.

“Blades,” shrieked the gaggle of children as the Mascot entered their home! Blades instantly opened his arms, brining all three Noonan children into a giant embrace.

Blades was soon joined by former Bruin’s goalie, Tuukka Rask, who visited with the family and helped make their new beds clad in cartoon character sheets and topped with personalizes Bruins blankets.

“It’s always good to be out in the community helping people in need,” said Tuukka. “It’s always fun to see kids smiling when they get some new stuff.”

The furniture delivery day was capped off with a game of knee hockey in the family’s basement
with Tuukka manning the goalie net. Owen scored the winning shot! 

You can support Owen here.