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Bob’s Honors Our Veterans

Bob’s Discount Furniture extends a big thank you to each and every Veteran. We appreciate your service to the country.

Bob’s is proud to employ over 125 Veterans across the country, in a variety of positions. From store managers to delivery to human resources, the skills that Veterans have acquired during their time of service are easily transferable to any position at Bob’s Discount Furniture.

But don’t take my word for it.

I want to introduce a few of our employees who are Veterans and let them tell you firsthand what their experience working at Bob’s Discount Furniture is like.

Tony Borruso

My name is Tony Borruso I started working at Bob’s in February 2019. I was hired as a Sales Associate; I served in the US Army from September 1965 to September 1969.

I attained the rank of SP5 E-5. My MOS was 05K20 Non-Morse Interceptor. I spent 4 years and served in Ethiopia as well as in Virginia. My Unit was US Army Security Agency. Since working with Bob’s I have found a career that uses the best that I learned while serving in the Army. From punctuality, learning responsibilities, following procedures, respect to supervisors as well as fellow employees and customers.  These traits developed in the military are the foundation that Bob’s uses every day.  As an older Veteran, I can recommend Bob’s as a great choice to follow for veterans everywhere. Bob’s will open your transition to a well-paying and respectful life after the military for any age, gender, race or religion. I can actually say this is the best job I have ever had.

 Craig Dresser

My name is Craig Dresser and I joined Bob’s June of 2018 in the sales position. Before I left the Navy I was E-5, being meritoriously advanced and with a letter of accommodation. My area of expertise is logistics, material control and asset management. When I got out of the navy, I transitioned to Supply Chain Management. I would be the guy who helped other salespeople in the field close deals based on specific requirements. Then, I was asked to take over in sales nationwide. I became a single father and it prevented me from traveling, which was a requirement.

Bobs has been a very successful transition in this because of training, talented managers and a truly fantastic operational process. If I were to be asked why Bob’s is great; they grant me the opportunity to raise my daughter without travel, my income can be as large as I make it, and I’m surrounded by helpful people. I will stay with Bob’s as long as I physically can or as long as they find value in me because they care about their employees and ask us how they can improve our environment often. They care, so I care. Our products and services are the best in the business. I won’t settle with a competitor and only say to other Veterans this: you should give Bob’s a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for honoring me and all veterans.

Carlos Ramirez

My name is Carlos G. Ramirez; I started working at Bob’s in April 2018. I was hired as a Store Manager to open the Bell Gardens location in California, now currently in Long Beach. I served in the Marine Corp from April 1998 to April 2004.

I attained the rank of Sergeant; my MOS was 0621 Field Radio Operator. I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in March 2008 receiving the unit distinguished presidential citation. One of the Marine Corps motto is to ‘Adapt, Improvise and Overcome’. This is a mindset that allows Marines to deal with any physical, mental or spiritual hardship. As a manager, I’ve always incorporated this motto thru my career growth. As a Veteran, Bob’s is a great place to be a part of. There’s so much growth and opportunity and I never thought I would say this, Bob’s is a place I would like to retire. The core values speak for themselves; Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Community, Safety, Diversity, Accountability and Fun. This is significant to what I experienced in the Corp. Semper Fi!

Art Barsa

My name is Art Barsa. I am a sales counselor in the Long Beach, CA store. I was active duty from 1966 thru 1970 and in the reserves from 1970-72. I was an E-5, sergeant. In the artillery 81 mortars Division. The mission of the Marine Corp was organized, train support and work together with other branches of the service. The Marine motto of,” Semper Fi”, means,” Always loyal and “Always faithful”. I feel Bobs has many of these qualities and has made me transition to retail. I would tell veterans Bobs is a great place to work and has the same objectives and goals we had in the Marine Corp. The key factor in working here are the people. From the Vice President to the stock people they all care and want to work as a team.

Hector Vanegas

My name is Hector Vanegas and I got hired to work at Bob’s Discount Furniture in May 2021 as a Sales Associate. My prior experience was in the Navy’s Submarine Force.

I joined the Navy in January 2001 into the Submarine community. My MOS was Yeoman (Administration), but I quickly learned that being onboard a Nuclear Powered Submarine; that was not all I would be doing. I learned Damage Control, Fire Fighting, Security, Pay, Awards, Evaluations and many more things. One of the things I have done that many will never do is to pilot a Billion Dollar Submarine. In the Navy, I was a Manpower Analyst, Government Credit Card Coordinator and managed over 1.2 Million dollar account and Travel Coordinator.

My Naval Career lasted 10 ½ years when I decided to get out and spend time with my family. I got to see a lot of the world from Coast to Coast in the U.S., to Spain, Italy, Greece, Puerto Rico, Australia  Japan, China, and Hawaii to name a few.

My leadership training has well prepared me into a new sales environment which I had never done in my past. From interacting with Customers and my peers, to leading by example and showing to work on time and ready to work, my transition into Bob’s has been amazing. Bob’s is definitely a company that not only looks after it’s employees but also their customers and that is what brought me here today. My team is all about Camaraderie, honestly, integrity, transparency and above all having fun which are the same traits in the military.

I would be more than honored to recommend anyone transitioning into the civilian world to give us a try and believe me I know you will love it here.



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