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Bob’s Growth Story: A Simple Strategy

Bob’s President & CEO Bill Barton cuts the ribbon at store opening in Franklin, MA in 2022.

Bob’s Discount Furniture President and CEO Bill Barton was interviewed by the Hartford Courant to discuss Bob’s 2024 growth plans. Barton shared that Bob’s expansion strategy is simple and relies on the founding principles of providing value without compromise and never offering sales or gimmicks.

“We have long term goals of growing across the lower 48 states,” Barton told the Hartford Courant. “We have visibility over 500 stores. We have a lot runway ahead of us…you don’t get to this size over this many decades without staying true to your values.”

Barton highlighted Bob’s investment in both the digital and retail spaces to offer guests an omnichannel shopping experience unique to Bob’s. Barton added that Bob’s will continue to invest in relationships with vendors to engineer the best values for guests.

Barton also discussed Bob’s long and deep commitment to supporting non-profit organizations, which is a pillar of the company’s core values.

You can read the full article here from the Hartford Courant.