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Bob’s Employees Go the Extra Mile!

Bob’s is fortunate to have so many employees worthy of being nominated to receive a Heart of Bob’s award.

Heart of Bob’s is an employee recognition program that seeks to celebrate the human stories of selfless acts that exemplify The Bob’s Way.

We are proud to share each story, from a store team who honored a colleague that passed away, to a store manager who consistently always makes a difference for his employees.

We celebrate an employee for running a 220-mile relay to raise thousands of dollars to help veterans.

Each Heart of Bob’s recipient represents Bob’s Core Values and thank them for work they do for our team and in their communities!

Craig Frand

Sr Commercial Sales Account Manager Bobs for Business
Rhode Island

Bob’s Commercial Sales Account Manager, Craig Frand, trained for several months to complete a 220-mile relay race to benefit veterans. He and his team raised more than $16,000 and finished in second place!

“Craig is one of those individuals who goes above and beyond, not only for his friends and family but also his coworkers,” said Kurt Pappalardo, Bob’s Director of Commercial Sales.

With a team of six other racers, Craig participated in the non-stop relay, Ruck4HIT, in Cape Cod in May, benefiting Heroes in Transition (HIT). HIT offers assistance for veterans, service members, and their families.

Carrying a 20-pound rucksack for the entire journey, Craig completed the 36-hour race running through the day and night.

It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done,” said Craig, “but it was also one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.”

According to HIT, the relay race signifies the burden of war that members of the military carry during duty and beyond. “Carrying the ruck sack is symbolic of hardships endured and the perseverance required to complete the mission,” HIT, explains.

“Volunteer work is really something that is very important,” shared Craig. “I work with veterans’ organizations and organizations that help with rapid rehousing for homelessness. It’s something that is really close to my heart and I want to continue to do.”

For his sense of integrity, Craig is awarded a Heart of Bob’s.

Team Greenfield

Greenfield, WI

This group of Bob’s employees put their collective hearts together to fundraise for memorial trees for a former colleague, Natalee Keser, who passed away in 2022. Together, the team was able to raise enough to purchase 164 trees through the Arbor Day Foundation in memory of Natalee. The trees will be planted in national parks around America as needed. Natalee worked as a Guest Support Associate from 2019 to 2022. For their compassion and integrity, Team Greenfield is awarded a Heart of Bob’s.

Nina Alonzo-Ochoa

Regional Guest Support Liaison
Fort Wayne, IN

While training for her new position at Bob’s in a different store, Nina was instrumental in helping a colleague in an emergency situation. Nina intervened during the incident, called for help, and stayed with her fellow employee offering support. She demonstrated composure and leadership during this ordeal. She has since finished training and moved to a different location but is long remembered by the team in Michigan for her bravery. For her sense of safety, Nina is awarded a Heart of Bob’s.

Carmen Pisanelli

Customer Support Senior Manager

Carmen is appreciated by his colleagues and leadership team for his positive attitude, welcoming smile, and genuine sense of humor. Additionally, Carmen has shown immense leadership by going above and beyond for a colleague in need. He recently assisted a peer in need of medical attention resulting in this person obtaining much needed care. For his sense of community and safety, Carmen is awarded a Heart of Bob’s.

James Lewis

Assistant Store Manager
Grand Rapids, MI

Known as a mentor and friend to his colleagues, James is being recognized for his day-to-day leadership as well as his compassionate response to a guest in need. James assisted a guest who was having personal issues by providing a safe place for comfort, offering necessities to ensure needs were met, and supporting this person with encouragement. Additionally, James is known as someone who can change the energy of the room for the better. He is there for all the good and bad moments and demonstrates leadership through perseverance, goal setting and positive attitude. For his sense of accountability, James is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.