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Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Bill Barton on Leveraging Technology to Create True Omnichannel Experiences

Bob’s Discount Furniture President and CEO Bill Barton was a recent guest on the podcast, Retail Experience Show. He spoke with Bobby Marhamat about Bob’s commitment to offering every day low price and leveraging technology for a first-in-class omnichannel shopping experience for guests. They discuss Bob’s continuing growth story and the company’s commitment to offering value without compromise.

Show topics discussed:

  • How Bob’s Discount Furniture was the “original disruptor” in the furniture industry, and how they’ve grown to 170 locations across 24 states.
  • How Bob’s is creating omnichannel experiences for their customers, especially through shopping carts that can be accessed online and in-store.
  • How Bob’s creates consistency across their locations, how they maintain their values and culture, and why succession planning is a key strategy.
  • How supply chain challenges prompted investment in a tablet that allows for real-time updates for in-store customers.
  • How Bob’s is leveraging augmented reality technology through a 3D Room Designer application that customers can use in a location.
  • Advice for retail leaders who want to scale their business, focused around knowing your customers and your value proposition, and why building a great team is key.
  • Why the future of retail will be found in better understanding and facilitating the customer journey.