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Behind the Design: 5 Easy Tips to Style Your Bedroom

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  • December 10, 2018
The Montana Bedroom Set features a charming rustic style | Bob's Discount Furniture

A bedroom can sometimes be the toughest room to decorate. It’s also often the room you spend your most time in – it’s your personal space and your own getaway. Don’t be intimidated though, because it CAN be easy. With 5 simple tips, you will be right on your way to styling your bedroom beautifully and uniquely YOU.

1. Neutral earthy tones

Use a neutral color palette to create a light and airy feel in your bedroom | Bob's Discount Furniture

To give your space a light and airy feel, use a neutral color palette such as: whites, off-whites, grays, beiges, and light greens. You can bring in pops of color with decorative pillows, throws, a rug, curtains and small trinkets. The best part is, you can easily swap these out to create a different look for the seasons, or just because! My favorite things to swap are throw pillows and blankets, they’re easy to store away, too!

2. Think storage

My Montana Collection features barn door accents | Bob's Discount Furniture

You can never have enough storage options in your bedroom. Especially for someone like me who has so much stuff! I chose furniture with built-in storage to hide my pillow obsession and to really maximize my use of space. Plus, how awesome is this sliding barn door on the dresser?! You can also put throw blankets and pillows in a trendy basket or storage bench.

3. Bring the outside in

Greenery can create a peaceful and zen feel in your bedroom | Bob's Discount Furniture

It’s amazing to me how a little bit of greenery can create a peaceful and zen feel in your space! Vary up your plants, none of them have to be the same. Changing up heights and textures throughout the space will create more visual interest! My personal favorite plant is the Faux fiddle fig plant, it looks real and also goes perfectly in any space! I want to buy 5 more to put one in each room. I bought an affordable basket to put my plant in – an easy way to make it perfect!

4. Outfit for your space

Rugs and curtains help add some personality to your bedroom | Bob's Discount Furniture

Dress up your room with curtains and a rug to give it some personality. A rug breaks up a wood floor and really softens up the look. Plus, what’s cozier than a plush fuzzy rug on your bare toes in the morning? If you go with a bold print rug, pair it with solid color curtains to avoid any clashing! Or choose bold curtains with a simple rug. My preference? I personally love solid lightweight curtains to allow a plentiful amount of sunlight. The brighter my room, the better!! YES, even in the morning, that’s what a sleep mask is for:).

5. Final touches!

Add the finishing touches with small trinkets, throw blankets and wall art | Bob's Discount Furniture

Accessorize your room with small trinkets, throw blankets, and wall pieces- whether they be art, or a statement mirror. I chose a variety of ceramic pots and vases, as well as small stacks of books and a mini gold giraffe. Why? Because I love giraffes and why not?

Make a bold statement with a mirror | Bob's Discount Furniture

Have fun with decor, it’s YOUR space – you don’t need an explanation behind every piece in your room! This thin gold floor lamp keeps the design super clean and ties in the gold from my giraffe – repetition is key! I went with a bold statement mirror to go over the dresser. The round mirror softens up the strong lines and the straight edges. These final touches give you the opportunity to repeat shapes, patterns, woods, and metals for a more cohesive look.

Bob's Discount makes it possible to update your bedroom and save money | Bob's Discount Furniture

And there you have it! 5 easy tips to style your bedroom. I’d love to see how you styled your bedroom using the Montana Collection and my tips! Share a photo on social media with #mybobs and we may feature your post on our Instagram page and here on my blog! Until next time!!


I'm a designer here at Bob's! My goal is to make our furniture stand out and look beautiful while giving you ideas and inspiration on styling your own space! I love all things artsy - If I'm not behind a lens (even if it's just an iphone lens), decorating my home, or participating in a fitness challenge, you'll find me watching Tasty videos, hiking up a mountain, or curled up on my couch planning my next adventure.