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9 Casual Dining Room Ideas

A casual dining room | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Combine my ideas to make the perfect space.

While dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner is fun every once in a while, sometimes I just want to relax at home with friends for a casual meal. No fancy dresses or suits, just good food, good friends and good conversation!

Here are 9 casual dining room ideas for creating the perfect relaxing setting in your home:

1. Choose a Light Color Palette

The first casual dining room idea is to select a color palette using light and airy tones to give your dining room a casual feel. I used white and beige as the basis of my color palette.

2. Keep it Simple With Your Place Settings

Simple plates in a casual dining room | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Match your dishes with your overall color palette.

Sticking with a light and airy color palette, I suggest using white plates in your casual dining room. I used one large white dinner plate and a small white dinner plate stacked on top.

Linen napkins | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Add a touch of class with linen napkins.

Place a nice, crisp white linen napkin on top of the stack of white dinner plates.

3. Keep Your Cutlery to a Minimum

Minimal flatware | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Keep the silverware simple.

I still get confused by what fork to use when I’m at a fancy restaurant! Eliminate that confusion with just one fork and one knife. Keep it simple and keep it casual.

 4. Create Name Tags

A casual dinner name tag | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Label each place setting for your guests.

Just because you’re going for the casual look doesn’t mean you can’t include a nice personal touch! A simple handwritten name tag can go a long way and your friends and family will appreciate the fact that you took the time to create this special element.

Decorated napkins | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Get crafty.

Once you’ve added all the names to the cards, use a hole punch to put one small hole in the side of the card at the beginning of the name. Then, use a small piece of twine to tie the name card to the napkin.

Bonus Tip – Add in a touch of greenery or other festive decorations based on the season.

 5. Add Greenery

Greenery in a casual dining room | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Use pine to decorate the space.

Speaking of greenery, place a few fresh pine branches on the middle of your table to add a dash of color and some ambiance. I just love the smell of fresh pine during the holidays! This touch of nature really brings in the casual dining room feel.

Planter on a dining room table | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Decorate your table without losing space.

If you’re cooking up a big meal and need to maximize the tablespace, try a vase with green leaves. This adds a nice, subtle touch and a tall vase gives some height to your space.
If you’re going for the farmhouse look, try an old pitcher or water can.

6. Save the Stems!

Stemless wine glasses | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Stick with stemless to keep it casual.

Stem glassware is a perfect choice for formal holiday gatherings, but not so much for your casual dinner party. Save the stemware for the next holiday and go with stemless glassware.

 7. Bring in Some Candles

Candles in the dining room | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Get warmth and light with a candle centerpiece.

I don’t know what it is about candles, but they seem to always the room feel more relaxed. Try using pillar candles for the center of your dining room table and be careful to not select candles that are too tall. You don’t want to have to text the person sitting across the table because you can’t see them!

Also, look for unscented candles so you don’t overpower the tasty aroma of your home cooking or catering if you don’t cook (hey, that’s our little secret)!

8. Add a Variety of Textures

Dining room textures | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Mix textures for a unique space.

A casual dining room gives you the license to mix up a variety of textures. The peacefulness of live plants pairs perfectly with wicker wall decorations and wood furniture. Soften up the room with light and breezy curtains.

9. Try a Bench Instead of Chairs

Dining room bench | Bob’s Discount Furniture
Bench seating is more communal and fun.

Finally, nothing says casual dining like sitting on a bench with friends and family. Bench seating is a fun alternative to chairs and can allow you to fit more people. Some benches can fit up to three people. Plus, did I mention the handy hidden storage compartment that comes with my Montana 6 Piece Dining Set with Storage Bench?

Montana 6 Piece Dining Set with Storage Bench | Bob’s Discount Furniture
My Montana 6 Piece Dining Set includes great storage options.

Share Your Casual Dining Room

I’d love to see how you’ve styled your casual dining room and to see your casual dining room ideas. Snap a pic, share it on social and tag me @mybobs for a chance to be featured on my feed.


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