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5 Fun and Easy Tips to Incorporate Boho Style in your home

The bohemian style is a fun and carefree look that anyone, not just professional designers, can create. In fact, when it comes to boho-chic decor, the more you break the traditional rules the better. This style allows you to really tap into your creativity and let your personality shine because the boho style is all about being unique.

Here are five simple and fun tips to create the Boho look in your home:

1. Embrace Mixing and Matching

I know this concept can seem counterintuitive when you’re starting to plan a room. Your natural instincts are telling you that your room should match and have a nice flow to it, while the boho side of your mind is waving goodbye to traditional wisdom–and that’s ok. Embrace the part of your mind that’s telling you to swim against the stream and don’t be afraid to mix and match. This goes for colors and patterns. In order to achieve the boho style you must fully embrace a carefree mindset, so don’t be afraid to try different color combinations. The same goes for patterns. The boho look allows you a blank check to pair patterns that you normally wouldn’t. Try layering patterns on top of each other to increase the eclectic boho style of any room. More is more with this style, so have some fun when decorating.

 2. Go Natural

The boho style puts natural and rustic textures in the spotlight because this helps mold that relaxed, chill vibe. Plants will help create a comfortable and peaceful feel in your boho space. In addition to plants and rustic elements, think about woven rugs, plush faux fur accents or macrame plant hangers. And again, while you’re bringing in these elements go back to a bit of advice from the first tip: more is more especially when it comes to the natural elements. Utilizing more plants in your space will literally add more life to the room.

3. Add Eclectic Accents

Bob’s has a wide selection of eclectic decor to help create a bohemian feel for your home

The boho look is all about culture and incorporating pieces from around the world, so if you like to travel and have collected items from your adventures, this tip is perfect for you. Feel free to unbox all those gifts and souvenirs from your vacations that are just sitting in your closet because you don’t know how or where to display them.

Not a world traveler? No problem, because I am. I travel the world to create a specially curated collection of accents and home decor that will look great in your boho-themed room.

4. Go Casual

 If you’re aiming for a boho theme in your space, it’s best to bring in mismatched pieces

If you are the type of person who’s carefree and just goes with the flow, this will be your favorite tip! One of the best things about a boho styled room is that it can have mismatched pieces. Remember, this is perfectly ok and actually the goal of the boho look. Keep it casual. Keep it carefree. Keep it mismatched and relaxing. 

So just go follow your heart on this one and try incorporating some mismatched overstuffed chairs. When selecting your chairs, look for colors and patterns that don’t match. Compliment the chairs with a couple of small footstools and bring some warmth and comfy vibes to your boho getaway with a pile of decorative pillows.

5. Finish the Space with Your Personal Touch

Use an array of family heirlooms and other antiques to personalize your space and create a lived-in feel

The boho style is all about showcasing your personality so naturally, you’ll want to complete this look with items that tell your story. Start with any family heirlooms that you might have. Do you have any old family photos, items from your grandparents’ travels across Europe or a trinket from your parents’ African safari?

Not a world traveler? That’s ok. Take your own adventure this weekend around town and stop by some tag sales or antique stores and look for vintage items that speak to you. 

Next, think about homemade items. These can be items you’ve made or that a family member or a friend made for you that hold a special place in your heart. Don’t have any homemade items either? That’s okay. Use this as an opportunity to work on that craft project you’ve always been thinking about. If you have children, involve them in this project and give them an opportunity to let their creativity flow.

Share Your Boho Look

I’d love to see how you’ve styled your boho room. Snap a pic, share it on social and tag me @mybobs for a chance to be featured in my feed. I just love seeing people having fun decorating their homes!


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