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4 Ways to Get That Farmhouse Look For Less!

Create the oh-so-charming farmhouse fabulous look without having to sell the farm!

1. Age-worn finishes

Mix and match with wire-brushed wood, vintage-looking find and pieces that are especially unique!

Mix and match with wire-brushed wood and vintage pieces | Bob's Discount Furniture

2. Sturdy metals

Add to your space with a mix of sturdy metals like a pair of stylish stools or a set of multi-color tables!

Bring metal in your space with a stool or table to create the farmhouse look | Bob's Discount Furniture

3. Earthy neutral palette

Let the earthy feel of the outdoors in, by using neutral tones like pale shades of beige, brown and gray. Add a touch of color with pops of greens and muted blues.

Use an earthly neutral palette to create the farmhouse look | Bob's Discount Furniture

4. Fresh plants

Re-use worn-out vases or watering pots, gather mason jars or wooden boxes to create unique plant holders that will complete your farmhouse look!

Fresh plants complete your farmhouse look | Bob's Discount Furniture


I consider myself the luckiest spokespuppet ever because I get to talk about the thing I love the most everyday – furniture! Tufted headboards, rustic finishes, the difference between a sofa and a couch (yes, there is a difference)… I could go on and on. Oh, I just love furniture and I’m SO excited that I have this blog to share my passion with you! It may take me a little longer to create posts – have you ever tried typing with clay hands – but I look forward to talking furniture with you!