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4 Tips for Better Sleep

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  • September 24, 2019

Shopping for something to give you a better night’s rest can feel a bit overwhelming with all the companies on the market today vying for your mattress business, but only Bob can get you Bob’s Discount on a quality mattress plus all the mattress accoutrements that lead to better sleep. That’s why I simplified the shopping process with these four sleep success tips that will make your life easier.

1. Select a Bed for Your Head

Select a supportive pillow before you choose a mattress | Bob's Discount Furniture
Even the perfect mattress isn’t complete without a great pillow

The best, most supportive and comfortable mattress is meaningless without a good pillow. So before you kick off your shoes and start lying on mattresses, you need to find the right one for you! If you don’t, your head, neck and spine won’t be properly aligned.

To help you home in on the perfect bed for your head, I created pillows based on specific sleep styles: side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper.

Side Sleeper Pillow

My specially-made side sleeper pillows are perfect for those who need extra neck support | Bob’s Discount Furniture

My side sleeper pillow caters to your unique sleep position with a plush combination of shredded Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam and fiber to provide the comfort and support you need. Thicker pillows work better for side sleepers to support the head and neck so you can wake up feeling refreshed!

Back Sleeper Pillow

Back sleepers typically need a medium-fill pillow to align the spine—not too low or too high!

My pillows for those who sleep on their back will help keep your spine happy, healthy and perfectly aligned | Bob’s Discount Furniture

Stomach Sleeper Pillow

My stomach sleeper pillows are thinner than other pillows and filled with a combination of shredded memory foam and fiber | Bob’s Discount Furniture

My stomach sleeper pillows are thinner than other pillows. Thinner pillows work better for stomach sleepers to help provide proper spinal alignment. If you sleep on your stomach with a thick pillow your neck pushes back creating compression and pain—ouch!

Still pillow curious? Check out these options:

2. Let Your Firmness Preference Guide Your Mattress Selection

Before you start testing out mattresses, think about what type of mattress in terms of construction, are you looking for. Do you enjoy the support of an innerspring, the comfort of Memory Foam or a hybrid feel of both? 

Next, determine your firmness preference. Do you enjoy a super soft mattress? Would you rather sleep on a firm surface, or do you like something in the middle? Check out my firmness scale to help determine your preference. All of my mattresses are rated on a scale of 1-8, with 1 being ultra-plush and 8 being extra firm. Look for the firmness ranking to give you a better idea of the feel that you expect in a mattress.

3. Choose Your Foundation Based on the Functionality of Your Room

My Montana Storage Bed is just the thing for those in need of extra storage space | Bob’s Discount Furniture

My Montana Storage Bed is just the thing for those in need of extra storage space

Don’t overlook the foundation as just an item that holds your mattress. There are a variety of different foundation options, and you want to make sure you select one that best fits the functionality of the room. If you’re looking for a bed with a built-in foundation, consider the following:

  • Short on Storage – If you’re in need of extra space to stow clothes and bed linens, then a storage bed is a great option for you. This bed features a higher profile with extra drawers for storage. If you do select a storage bed, consider going with a thinner mattress.
  • Going for the Sleek Look – Does your room have that sleek look you don’t want to disrupt with a chunky bed? Try a platform bed to maintain your aesthetic.
  • Trusty Traditional – Going for more of a traditional look? Don’t worry, I’ve got that too!

If you’re not sure what style of bed you want, check out my variety of foundations for any mattress size. Don’t forget to consider size—if you already have a thick mattress, the last thing you want to do is add a big foundation underneath. Climbing into bed at night shouldn’t feel like a workout, so make it easy on yourself and go for a low-profile foundation!

 Power Up Your Bed

My Power Bob Essential Adjustable Base with Bob-O-Pedic Gem Queen Mattress | Bob's Discount Furniture
Enjoy the convenience of my Power Bob Essential Adjustable Base and the comfort of my Bob-O-Pedic Gem Queen Mattress

Do you like the convenience of an adjustable base and all the bells and whistles that go along with it? My Power Bob Ultra Adjustable Base is voice-activated and features preset positions, Bluetooth speakers, massage capability, a wireless remote and even LED under-bed lighting.

4. Protect your Investments!

A new mattress is a big investment, so make sure you take care of it and protect it against spills, dust and dirt. Life happens, but we don’t want them to leave a permanent stain!*  And don’t forget about the health benefits of using a mattress protector. My mattress protectors help protect against dust, dirt and bed bugs.

*Accidental stains void the warranty. 

  • My Fitted Mattress Protector acts as a waterproof barrier against accidental spills and helps prevent dust mites from entering your mattress. You won’t even notice the breathable natural terry cloth surface
  • The Total Encasement Mattress Protector offers six-sided protection with a zipper on the underside. You can sleep soundly knowing the Total Encasement Protector acts as a waterproof barrier and protects against bed bugs and dust mites.
  • My 5-Sided Cooling Mattress Protector uses a cooling fiber technology that disperses your body heat five times faster than regular polyester protectors. The protector also contains a wick-away function that manages moisture and transports perspiration away from the body. Plus, it protects your mattress from stains, dust mites and allergens. 

There you have it, four tips to help you achieve the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have! Once you’ve found your perfect mattress match, be sure to tag me @mybobs for a chance to see yourself on our social media feeds!


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